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Where to sell a video game console (key differences)

Whether you want to sell your old PS4, PS3, a new Xbox One, your old Wii console, or another old game system, you should understand the key differences between places to sell or trade in game consoles. Here’s where to sell a video game console.

Brick-and-mortar stores

Good for quick cash, but brick-and-mortar stores tend to

pay 10 to 20 percent less than online buyback stores

. Though you do not need to post an ad or pay selling fees, there’s also no guarantee of sale and you might need to negotiate a fair price.

Online marketplaces

The customer service required in answering questions and dealing with returns or charge backs can make this option cost a lot in time. It’s possible to get a good price but you’ll pay selling fees that eat into profits.

Online buyback stores

Guaranteed sales and a quick, convenient selling experience make online buyback stores a popular option. You don’t need to post ads, negotiate prices, or pay for shipping. Online buyback stores do not charge selling fees, and they pay within one to three days.

With more than 30 online buyback stores vying for your video game console, it’s tedious to compare each to see who will pay the most. Moreover, some online buyback stores should be avoided due to a history of non-payment, delayed payments, and poor reviews.

Here is a selection ofstores that buy video games consoles that have been

Trust Verified

and adhere to these quality guidelines:

Payments sent within 1 to 3 business days of receiptQuestions answered within 1 business dayRecent positive reviews

Where to sell your game console

Flipsy Trust Verified Stores Buying Game Consoles

You can contact any of these Trust Verified stores through their contact forms to receive a quote for your video game console (be sure to mention any condition issues to get an accurate price). It only takes a few minutes to complete the forms, and they typically reply with a cash offer within one day.

Local Options to Consider


Gamestop routinely offers promotional perks for taking store credit versus cash. For example, they might offer you $50 in additional credit if you trade your console instead of selling it.

Find a Gamestop location near you


Best Buy

If you’re thinking about selling your console to Best Buy, you can get your credit quicker by taking it to your local store. The valuation will be the same as it is online.

Find your closest Best Buy store


Pawn shops

Some pawn shops buy used gaming consoles, though they typically pay well below market value. If you’re desperate for fast cash, you can

find a pawn shop near you

– but be prepared to get only half what your console is worth. You have plenty of options when it comes to selling your video game consoles. Be sure to compare your options to get the best deal!

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