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275 09/11/2021

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Over the past few years, streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime have slowly taken free-to-air’s place in Kiwi living rooms. However, it’s never as simple as just getting Netflix – you have to choose a plan, make sure your broadband is fast enough to handle streaming video and buy a smart TV compatible with popular streaming apps. Or do you?

Using a smart TV is just one of the many ways you can stream services like Netflix. There are other options available if you want access to thousands of movies and TV shows on-demand from the comfort of your armchair.

These are the ways you can watch Netflix without a smart TV.

Through a video game console (Xbox, PlayStation and Wii U)

If you own either an Xbox (360 or One), PlayStation (3 or 4) or Wii U, you can already access Netflix. Each of these consoles has an online store where you can download games and applications, including Netflix.

Just download the application from the appropriate store (it’s free to download), log in with your Netflix account details, and you’ll be watching Netflix in no time. However, if you’re unsure, you might want to have someone close by to show you how to operate Netflix with the video game controller.

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Through Google Chromecast

Google’s Chromecast is a cheap and easy way to stream content from a smartphone or tablet to a TV. To stream Netflix through Chromecast, plug it into the HDMI port in the back of your television and change your TV’s output to HDMI (taking note of the HDMI port you connected the device into).

Try using Apple TV

Like Google Chromecast, Apple TV is a relatively cheap (usually around $299 for 4th generation) way to watch a variety of media from any old television with an HDMI port (most from the last 10 years).

The convenient thing about Apple TV is that you don’t have to jump too many hurdles to get set up. As long as your Apple TV’s firmware is up to date, the Netflix app should be ready to launch straight from your home screen.

Connect a tablet or computer directly to your television

Though it may seem complicated, connecting your tablet or computer to your TV can be quite simple with an HDMI adapter. A range of adapters is sold to convert micro USB (Android tablets), lightning (Apple iPad), and many other connections to HDMI (and if you’ve got a relatively new PC, there should already be an HDMI output somewhere on your computer).

All you need to do is connect your computer or tablet to your TV with an adapter, change your television to HDMI output and you should see the screen from your tablet or computer mirrored on the television. Now all you have to do is access Netflix via your web browser or mobile app and you’ll soon be watching Netflix on the big screen.

If all else fails, choose another streaming service

It may seem blunt, but New Zealand’s various streaming services have compatible devices unique to each service. Here are a few alternative services to Netflix.

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