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338 14/10/2021

Please forgive me if I'm wrong as I do not understand much about controller drivers but appreciate those who develop them so I can play. It seems like there really aren't many layers to allow all controllers to play. Microsoft even made this possible with XInput API.

I use an open source driver SCP Toolkit (old but I just really like the way PS3 controllers feel in my hand). Within the documentation it says it uses the same API.

Technically PS3 controller > SCP > XInput > Xbox driver type game. So all the game manufacturer would have to do is support just Microsoft? I have played games in multiple DRM platforms (Origin - EA Desktop, Steam, Epic, Uplay, etc.) and they all are not perfect but I just don't feel like I have any control in Xbox.

I've tried to add mods for VR to games and found NTFS permissions which took time to circumvent. I thought Doom Eternal had trouble because some files may have been corrupted and can't find where I can verify the files. Last, was this same situation but with input. Normally the controller won't be recognized but button display was showing in this case. Every post I found online was about launching in Big Picture mode in steam. There were no troubleshooting steps for Xbox Game Pass for PC.

I don't mean to come across like Xbox app is the worst because I have been able to play games and the service is fun when it works. However, trying to find fixes and having what feels like a high UAC settings just makes it a nightmare sometimes. The one good thing about the aggravation is it's probably extremely secure. Sorry went off on a tangent.

Last note about controller support is talking about VR made me think about OpenXR. It might be interesting to do something like that for controllers or game development.

To tell you the truth though after listening to Microsoft over the course of this year I found it, and a lot of companies, will probably end up transitioning to a cloud service where you can play on any device and use any controller as long as it is supported by the streamer. I've never had a problem with GeForce Now yet other than some latency due to internet speeds every once in a while. However, every game you can play you have to own.

I'm not picking on anyone. I used to play console, switched to pc, recently enjoy cloud services and currently in between them all. I was going to leave a low star for Doom Eternal and thought well I don't know for sure if it's the actual game. I figured be neutral and this felt like a good place to post. However, other people have given it low stars and I know from watching gameplay it's an awesome game. Also, I don't understand how to find what drivers the game developer supports. Any links or information where that could be found would be greatly appreciated :)

Thanks everyone for listening to my lecture haha and hope you all have a nice day.

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