Soulja Boy Reveals How Many Game Consoles He's Sold

291 23/11/2021

Soulja Boy Reveals How Many Game Consoles He's Sold

During a string of offensive tweets, Soulja Boy reveals how many of his game consoles he's managed to sell since they were added to his online store earlier this month.

Throughout the month of December, rapper Soulja Boy has started selling a few different video game consoles that amount to little more than likely illegal emulators packed full of copyrighted video games from Nintendo, Capcom, and more. Soulja Boy is selling some of these devices for over $300, down from a standard price of $639.98, which is far more than the PS4 and Xbox One were at launch. Considering the high price point, some may be curious as to how many of these things Soulja Boy has actually managed to sell.

While exact sales figures aren't available, Soulja Boy himself claimed in a since-deleted tweet that he has sold over 5 million game consoles since he started this venture earlier this month. This number seems unlikely, especially since the same devices are available from other sellers for significantly less than what Soulja Boy is selling them for, but all we have to go on is the rapper's word.

Whether or not Soulja Boy can be believed is up for debate, however. After all, Soulja Boy made the 5 million units sold claim when he was busy defending the legitimacy of his consoles to people on Twitter. Soulja Boy was clearly becoming defensive at the prospect that Nintendo would sue him for selling these consoles, and he started using homophobic slurs aimed at the people giving him a hard time.

If Soulja Boy's sales numbers are accurate and if he manages to avoid getting into any serious legal trouble, it's possible he will be inspired to keep selling these consoles. The rapper seems adamant about being involved in the gaming industry beyond just playing games, and that's clear from both his consoles as well as other ventures.

Besides selling game consoles, Soulja Boy has also announced his intention to start his own eSports franchise in 2019. Whether or not that actually comes to pass remains to be seen, especially given the questionable legality of his game console sales, but it will be interesting to see what the future holds for the rapper.

Image source: Flickr – Streamy Awards (available with a creative commons license)

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