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215 26/01/2022

Rapper Soulja Boy is diving into the video games industry in what could be the worst way possible. Instead of working with an established developer to make a mobile game, or lending his voice to a character, Mr. Boy is instead releasing a handheld console, and it looks about as promising as you’d expect a handheld console from Soulja Boy to look.

Appropriately titled the SouljaGame, the console claims to have 3000+ built-in games. Titles range from NeoGeo games to Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color and three more consoles. (I’m not sure what “FC,” “CP1” or “MD” are, though the latter could refer to Mega Drive, the Japanese name for the Sega Genesis.) Also listed on the SouljaGame site is a line that says “Type: For Switch/3DS/Vita/NEOGEO/GBC/Gameboy/GBA Handheld Game Players.” Interpret that how you’d like. No specific games are mentioned, but we can see what looks like Mario Kart: Super Circuit and a Pokémon game on one screenshot. I have a hard time believing Nintendo signed off on this project.

Big fire. When you have the chance to buy cheap electronics from China and resell them in the United States under your name for way more than they originally cost then you have to do it. Soulja Boy is just dominating the game right now. Look at this handheld gaming system that runs for $60 usually.

That’s right. This bad boy can be yours for the bargain of $99.99. Must have.

This gaming console usually runs for $90, but Soulja is charging $150. Credit or debit?

The people these days are craving about Air Pods. Well, what about Soulja Pods? Ca-ching.

Those definitely work.

And last but not least we have the Apple Watch *checks notes* SouljaWatch. NEED IT.

My dude just flipped the game on it’s head. Completely copy another product, slap your name on it, and charge more. That’s the American dream if I’ve ever heard one.

The good people over at Nintendo Life were not happy when they found out this news. The first two paragraphs in their article are must-read. Nerds ripping a rapper in half is something I live for.

We pride ourselves on only listening to music recorded before 1999 here at Nintendo Life, so prior to being chained to a desk and forced to write this story, we had absolutely no idea who Soulja Boy was, what songs he’d done or why he’s such a big deal. A few minutes of slack-jawed research later, and we now know that he’s currently peddling a line of games consoles that essentially run a bunch of emulators and come packed with (we can reasonably assume) unlicenced ROMs.

That’s right, Soulja Boy – whose real name is [checks Wikipedia] DeAndre Cortez Way – is basically selling a pair of cheap Chinese gaming machines and is passing them off as his own unique vision. To make the whole situation even more amusing, he’s charging more for the device than it costs to buy them directly from the manufacturer.

I mean Soulja Boy is about to get sued for every dollar he has right? Snake it until you make it, or get destroyed in court and go to jail and lose all your money. I’m rooting for him.

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