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284 11/11/2021

As usual there are comments here that didn't take any brains to make.

But TecknoGekko (even though it wasn't a question) seemed to be the one with the brains in here.

[Mod Removed - please don't insult other posters]

BUT, I guess If you aren't close to 10 -13 years old or younger, then you would know about the 360 console that was responsible "all by itself" for scratching the game disks beyond repair &/or making them useless.

It had nothing to do with the way you take care of your disks

I myself along with literally thousands of others were getting our 50 & 60 dollar games destroyed by the XBOX 360, ITSELF.

ME & mine?

Well, I am a father & a grand father that was given a 360 for Christmas by my 2 daughters.

It was mainly for my DVD movies & online movies. Yet a Halo 3 & another game came with it.

I played the Halo game like 5 -7times in the first year I had it.it had got a scratch on it along with a DVD movie,but I thought it was my fault or someone else had used it.

Then for Christmas the following year they bought me a couple more games. Then in that second year I had it, it seemed many of my movies & game disks seemed to be getting a scratch around the whole thing. to me? I thought the console was moved while spinning

I was blaming everyone over a 3-6 month period, only to find out that the console had a fault & Microsoft knew of the problem the whole time & hid the problem from the customers.

The console laser head was hitting the disk.

I got sick of all my disks getting ruined & went online to find out about changing the disk drive in it.

That's when I found out about the problem.

By the time I found out about what the real problem was , I was in my 3-4 years of ownership, andI now had no recourse of a new console or replacement of all the games or the half dozen movies that were ruined by it.

And for the games? Of course [Mod Removed] Microsoft wanted 20 bucks for each game. They certainly weren't going to compensate me for the movies either.

Then the hard drive went in it, and I wasn't getting another one at a cost of over 100 bucks for that.

But I now play GTA5 from a USB flash drive and just like TecknoGekko I believe I should be able to download a copy of a game I own as long as the disk is in the drive.

But until they (Microsoft) straighten there [Mod Removed] out, I will never EVER get another Microsoft product.


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