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322 08/11/2021

I figured this would be the right place to ask. So I'll be moving across the country, and am trying to figure out the best way to bring some of my electronics with me. I have a PS4 and a Wii U, and ideally I would bring them both - but I'm not comfortable checking them in with my luggage. Has anyone done this before? Any suggestions?

I would agree with you that you shouldn't put them in with your luggage. The one time I brought my PS3 with me it went in my bookbag. Did make for a heavy bookbag but it fit under the seat (barely but enough that they didn't bother me with it).

With two consoles if both won't fit in the bookbag you can also take a carryon and consider the bookbag as the bag that goes under the seat. Put one in the bookbag and one in the carryon. ANd make sure the carryon will fit in the overhead (and that you are as early as you can be loading on the plane cause if it doesn't fit or they run out of space they will make you check it).

My rule is though nothing of big value goes in the checked in luggage (unless it has to, like an expensive kitchen knife I brought home as a present to some one). Things do get stolen out of those and even barring that it could get lost as well (at least if nothing is not all that valuable you reduce the risk of theft by a lot but nothing will help the getting lost part).

What part of it are you worried about, damaging the console? Just stick some bubble wrap round it and wedge between layers of clothes. Should be fine even if the handlers throw your stuff around

Uh, easy, theft. It happens and if you have valuable stuff in there it is more likely to happen (I remember a story on the apple forum of some one complaining cause they made him check in his carryon cause there was no space and it had his laptop which mysteriously disappeared when he got the bag back). Not to mention checked baggage also has been known to get lost as well.

And well, yes, you can pad it well but it's still better to have full control over it and handle it gently and not have those knocks. Especially as they will do random bag checks for security reasons and you have no gaurentee they'll pack your bag back like you had it before.

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