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325 13/10/2021

Is Valheim coming to PS4 and Xbox? That's the question many console players are asking following the launch and monstrous success of the hugely popular Viking sandbox survival game. It's quickly shaping up to be one of 2021's key new releases, thrusting Valheim's Swedish indie developer, Iron Gate, into the spotlight.

Here's everything we know about a potential console launch for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. In this guide, we'll cover the following:

Is Valheim coming to PS4 and Xbox?

Right now, Valheim is technically a PC exclusive. The game can only be purchased via Steam and is part of the platform's Early Access program. In a nutshell, Early Access gives developers a chance to release unfinished builds of their games. Although Iron Gate are taking money for Valheim (the current Steam price is at around £15), players purchase it with the understanding that it's an unfinished product and one that is likely to change drastically in the buildup to its version 1.0 launch.

A console port of Valheim has yet to be announced by the developer nor their publisher, Coffee Stain Publishing, so don't expect a PS4 or Xbox port of the game any time soon. However, that doesn't rule these platforms out completely - we could well see it arrive on consoles (including the new PS5 and Xbox Series X|S) at some point in the future.

The advantage to bringing Valheim to PS4, Xbox, and other consoles is clear, widening the potential player base for the Viking survival sim. There's a good chance Iron Gate have plans to launch Valheim on these platforms but for now their focus is on the game's full 1.0 release and rightly so. Juggling console ports could mean delaying content drops and other updates outlined in the Valheim roadmap.

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When can we expect Valheim on consoles?

Valheim is due to stay in early access for at least a year according to the game's original Steam page which means, earliest, we'll see Valheim 1.0 launch in February 2022 on PC.

If the studio does plan for a PS4 and Xbox release (as well as other consoles) then we're not likely to see a release date for these versions until mid to late 2022. Obviously, we're no experts when it comes to the nitty gritty of game development or porting games between platforms though Valheim's low end PC specs and existing controller support should, theoretically, help speed up the process.

Valheim on consoles: what we want to see

If Valheim eventually arrives on PS4, Xbox, and other consoles, there are some features we'd like to see.

PC and console parity in terms of patches would be the dream, of course, making sure all players have access to the same new content, features, and fixes regardless what system they're using to play Valheim. However, with game updates needing certification on PlayStation and Xbox, this often results in a delay between a game's PC and console updates.

In terms of content, we'd like to see as many biomes, enemies, and crafting tools/materials as possible, giving players more to discover and experiment with as they push into the late game.

Online cross-play is another big feature we'd like to see. It's something that has certainly become more commonplace over the years with games such as Fortnite, Rocket League, and even Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War all letting you team up with anyone, regardless of what they're playing on.

What is Valheim?

Having already shifted 4 million copies and on track to sell many more, Valheim is a sandbox survival game with a Norse twist. Either alone or online with friends, you can drop into open world split into rich, vibrant biomes, crafting items, building structures, and battling against mythological creatures.

Despite the genre being fairly long in the tooth with no shortage of new entries arriving each year, Valheim is more accessible and enchanting than most. It doesn't force as much tedious busywork on the player, nor is Valheim harsh when it comes to inventory management or keeping your character fed.

The fact that Valheim is Viking themed had definitely contributed to its success too, no doubt buoyed by the popularity of recent games such as God of War and Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

Valhalla is available to download and play right now if you have a decent PC. If you're a console player with a hankering for more sandbox survival games, then this is certainly one to keep your eye on as it continues to grow and refine itself on the road from early access to version 1.0.
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