How to Uninstall a Game on Xbox One to Free Up Space

255 06/12/2021

The Xbox One S and Xbox One X both come with a lot of storage space, with options of both 500 GB and 1 TB. That means you have more breathing room than consoles used to provide, but it's still pretty easy to find yourself with an Xbox One hard drive that's totally full. At that point, the only options are to uninstall a game or move some games to an external hard drive.

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Does Uninstalling an Xbox One Game Delete Saved Games?

The other main concern involved in uninstalling Xbox One games is that local save data is removed right along with the game files. You can prevent any problems here by copying your saved data to external storage, or just moving the entire game to an external hard drive, but Xbox One actually has cloud storage that backs up your save data.

In order for the cloud save function to work, you need to be connected to the internet and signed into Xbox Network. If you get disconnected from the internet or Xbox Network while you're playing, then your local saved data might not be backed up. So if you're worried about losing your saved games when you uninstall, make sure to connect to the internet and sign in to Xbox Network when you play your games.

How to Uninstall an Xbox One Game

The nice thing about uninstalling an Xbox One game is that it's a reversible process. So if you find yourself with a stack of brand new Xbox One games that you're dying to play, but the hard drive is already full of older games, there's no need to worry. You're free to reinstall any Xbox One game you delete, since deleting a game doesn't affect your ownership rights.

In fact, the only downside to deleting a game when you own the physical disc is that you lose the time it took to install in the first place. Digital games present a little more of a problem if your internet connection has a monthly data cap since reinstalling will require you to download the game all over again from scratch.

Turn on your Xbox One. Press the Xbox button on your controller.

Press down on the d-pad to highlight My games & apps.

Press the A button to open My games & apps.

Select Games to delete a game or Apps to delete an app.

Use the d-pad to make sure Games is highlighted.

Press right on the d-pad.

Use the d-pad to highlight the game you want to delete.

Make sure you have highlighted the game you want to delete.

Press the ☰ button on your controller.

Use the d-pad to highlight Manage game.

If you select Uninstall game instead of Manage game, you can immediately uninstall everything. You will not get the option of whether or not to remove add-ons or save data.

Press the A button to open the game management screen.

Use the d-pad to highlight Uninstall all.

Press the A button.

If you have installed any add-ons, you can choose the specific components that you want to uninstall.

Use the d-pad to highlight Uninstall all again.

Press the A button.

This will uninstall the game, all add-ons, and delete any save files. To reduce the likelihood of your saved data being lost, make sure you were connected to the internet and signed into Xbox Network the last time you played the game, and that you remain connected during the uninstall process.

Reinstalling an Xbox One Game After Deletion

When you delete an Xbox One game, the game is removed from your console, but you still own it. It's more like removing a game disc and setting it on the shelf than removing a game disc and throwing it in the garbage.

That means you are free to reinstall any game you have deleted, as long as you have enough available storage space.

To reinstall an uninstalled Xbox One game:

Navigate to Home > My games & apps

Select Ready to install.

Choose a previously uninstalled game or app and select install.

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