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The Xbox 360 games are a costly and expensive investment, particularly when it’s fragile and easily got damaged during routine long hour game play. Once you experienced a scratched disc, then you’ll be suffering which need to spend a great amount of money to buy another brand new game disc for a replacement.However, in order to minimize the Xbox 360 game expenses, learn how to copy Xbox 360 games to hard drive as backup is a must have skill for each player.

The essential part to have copied Xbox 360 games on your hard drive, in case any damage happens to your original discs, you always have the backup file to burn another Xbox game disc. This is another great option to avoid emissaries money spent for those inevitable for the average gamer.

Many people not aware that actually can legally copy Xbox 360 game for their own use as long as you still have the original copy in your possession. But it’s against the law if you make copies of the game for any profit or sell it to other people to gain income.

Basically, the procedure to copy Xbox games to disc are pretty much similar to burning a data to CD. You don’t need to be a technical geek in order to rip Xbox games to hard drive and burn a backup disc, all you need is a DVD burner and an Xbox game copy software to get the job done. This is because Xbox 360 games are developed with special encrypted protection code to prevent any duplication happen for illegal copy, therefore you need a game copy program that capable to bypass and decode the programming to enable the PC’s drive to read the game content.

There are tons of game copy program out there on the market but most of them are scams that potentially brings harm to your PC and gaming console. You should do some research and study customer reviews before buy any Xbox game copy application for own use.Recommended Game Copy Wizard where allow produce exact 1:1 original copy to backup DVD disc. It’s also compactible to support most of gaming console platform including Wii, PS2, PS3, GameCube, Xbox 360 and PC games as well.

Follow below instruction to learn how to rip Xbox 360 games to PC hard drive:

Download and install Xbox 360 game copy software to your PC. Once completed install, restart your computer to ensure the system get the latest configuration with the Windows OS. Create a new folder and rename it to game namesuch as ‘Halo 3 backup’ or ‘Call of Duty backup’. Next, eject the DVD drive disc tray and place the Xbox 360 game disc on the tray and close it. Run the Xbox game copy software that you just installed. There should be a icon created on the desktop, double clicks to launch the program. Goto ‘Browse’ button on the program’s main screen and search the gaming folder that you created. Double click on the ‘ Call of Duty backup’ folder and close the windows. Now, you need to select the file format by choosing ISO on the drop down menu. Then, click on ‘Copy’ button at the right bottom of the application’s main screen. It could take up to a few minutes to copy game content to ISO image file. Once it finished rip an Xbox game content to ISO format, rename the file and this will be your Xbox 360 game backup file store on your PC’s hard drive.

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