How to Fix Xbox One Not Reading Disc [RESOLVED]

262 09/02/2022

Xbox One Not Reading Disc is one of the most frustrating problems experienced by gamers. And to get your Xbox One to read discs again, confirm your gaming disc is not damaged, clean up your drive and check if the problem is fixed or not.

However if still struggling to resolve the Xbox One Won’t Reading Disc than I am here to help you out.

In this post, you will explore the 100% working solutions to fix Xbox One won’t read game disc problems easily by yourself.

So without wasting precious time lets jump to the solutions and some of the culprit behind the disc not playing on Xbox One error.

What Causes Xbox One Not Reading Disc Error?

Well, the issue indicates that your disc is not recognized or won’t play when you insert the disc into the console. So, it might be due to the dust, hair, or debris is settled in your drive. Make sure to clean your drive with cotton.

Also, some users reported their consoles makes grinding like noise when they insert a game disc, it is clear that the issue is in your console, it might be damaged and require repairing.

If any of the underlying components like gear, screws, different gears, and rollers are damaged, then these parts can stop the disc from running.

Besides this also check if the disc is scratched then this can also cause interruption and start throwing the error message “Xbox One not reading disc”.

So, these are some of the common causes responsible for the error and while talking about the error, it is seen that different users are encountering different disc won’t load or play on Xbox One problems.

Let’s have a look at them first.

1: Some discs play, but others don’t and show error –This problem is related to only one disc and other discs are working fine and to fix it assure the disc is clean and not damaged or scratched. Also, check the Blu-ray app is not installed.

2: My disc loads but won’t install – If your game disc loads but won’t install then take the console offline, cancel downloading and power cycle the console, and when you completely install the game go online and download the update.

3: None of my disc plays or my disc is not recognized when I insert it – Well, it seems your console won’t recognize the disc, and some users reported that changing the instant-on power mode to energy saving ad performing hard power cycle of console works for them. But if it won’t work in your case then request a repair of the console.

4: My console makes a grinding noise when I insert and play a disc – This is clear your console needs servicing so, in this scenario simply go to Device service and request a repair service.

Nevertheless, you can also follow the below-given solutions to easily troubleshoot Xbox One not reading disc error.

How Do I Fix My Xbox One Not Reading Discs?

Solution 1: Preliminary Tweaks

If the problem is with a single disc and other discs are working then there is a possibility your disc has settled dust, hair, or debris.

So, in this case, clean the disc with a soft, clean cloth by holding the edges of the disc and without touching the top or bottom surface as shown in the below image.

Now insert and try running the disc and check if this is working fine.

Also, if the game disc is scratched then this can also cause Xbox One not reading disc issue. So, make sure to check the backside of your disc.

If you found lots of scratches, notches, or other damages then also your console won’t read the disc.

But if you won’t find any visible scratches or other damages then the Xbox One won’t recognize disc is caused due to your console disc drive.

And to verify the console disk drive damage try running another game disc, or else follow the below-given solutions.

Solution 2: Change Instant-On Power Modes & Power Cycle the Console

The instant-on power mode setting makes the console to unable to read disc so here it is suggested to change the power mode and power cycle the console.

Follow the steps to do so:

On your console > press, Xbox button > to open the guide.Now move to System > SettingsThen choose Power & startup > Power mode & startup And in the Power mode & startup window > click the Energy-saving.Next press the Xbox button for 10 seconds for performing a hard power cycle. And as the console shuts down completely > press the Xbox button to restart it.

And insert your disc again > wait for few seconds and verify if the Xbox One not reading disc is resolved or not or else go to the next solution.

Solution 3: Reposition Your Console

The Xbox one not reading disc error can also be caused due to the position of the console. The console wasn’t designed to perform in the vertical position, so make sure to position the console horizontally on a flat and stable surface, so that the disc play without any interruption.

And after repositioning your Xbox console, check if the game disc plays again or not.

Solution 4: Reset the Xbox One Operating System

If still facing the Xbox One won’t read game disc then try resetting the Xbox One OS without deleting your games and apps.

Please Note: Be careful while choosing the option as if you select Reset and remove everything option. This will delete entire data, the apps, and games as well. So if you want to reset your console to factory settings, then assure you to backup your data first.

Read our guide on how to back up saved game files on Windows 10.

Follow the steps to do so:

Press the Xbox button > to start Guide.Now move to Settings > All Settings.And on the left window choose System > click on Console info & updates.Next click Reset console.Then on the Reset your console screen > choose the Reset and keep my games & apps And this process will delete the corrupted game data.

Now check if the Xbox One not reading game disc problem is resolved or not. But if after this your games and apps won’t load then read the guide to fix Xbox One won’t load games & apps.

Solution 5: Assure the Blu-ray player app has been installed successfully

Well if you are able to play the game discs but unable to play other discs like CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray Discs, then assure the Blu-ray player app is installed successfully.

If it is not installed, then make sure to install the app on Xbox One via Xbox Home.

Follow the steps to do so:

Press the Xbox button > to open the guideChoose Home,> scroll right and choose StoreNow choose to Search and type Blu-ray in the search bar and on your controller hit the Menu button.Lastly, choose the Blu-ray Player app And choose Free or Install to download

When the Blu-ray app is downloaded try running your disc, I hope now the Xbox One not reading disc error is fixed.

Solution 6: Request a Repair

If none of the above-listed solutions works for you, then your console requires repairing. For this, go to Device service and repair for submitting a service request.


How Do I Fix My Xbox 360 Not Reading Discs?

To fix Xbox 360 not reading discs make sure to clean the discs with the soft, clean, and damp cloth by holding the edges of the discs. Also, check for the disc damages and scratches and replace it.

Despite this, you can also try the above-listed solutions given one by one.

How do I Fix Installation process stops at or near 0% when installing an Xbox One game from a disc?

This issue occurs if you are trying to download an update for the game when the game is installing or the local saved game files are corrupted.

Well, there are a number of solutions that work for you to fix Xbox One installation stopped error, so make sure to follow them.

Clear Your Local Saved Games and Reinstall the Game, Take the console offline, cancel the download and power cycle the console, install the game, and go online.

How Do I Replace the Game Disc?

Microsoft allows exchanging the game disc within 90 days of purchase under the Microsoft Game Disc Exchange Program terms and conditions.

But before claiming the exchange, make sure if the game is published by Microsoft or another company. And if the disc belongs to another company then contact the company regarding the exchanging disc policy.

Remember the Microsoft Game Disc Exchange Program relates ONLY to the Microsoft published games.

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On a Final Note:

Xbox One is undoubtedly one of the most amazing gaming and unbeatable gaming console and offers the best gaming experience.

But from time to time, various issues and errors encountered by various gamers and Xbox One not reading Disc is one of them.

Luckily there are fixes that work for you to fix Xbox One won’t read Disc problem completely.

And here I tried my best to list down the complete possible solutions, make sure to follow them accordingly.

It is expected the article works for you and you are able to get your Xbox One to read discs again.

If you have any other solution or suggestion regarding this error, then write it to us on our Social Media handles –Facebook or Twitter.

Good Luck…!

Hardeep has always been a Windows lover ever since she got her hands on her first Windows XP PC. She has always been enthusiastic about technological stuff, especially Artificial Intelligence (AI) computing. Before joining PC Error Fix, she worked as a freelancer and worked on numerous technical projects.

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