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245 21/01/2022

Morrowind is a huge open world RPG game. This is primarily a PC game that was also released for the Xbox.

I have a personal soft spot for this title. I first played it on the console, before I later got it for PC. In my mind, it is still the most immersive and interesting RPG ever made, and probably my favorite game of all time. Due to the vibrant and enduring modding community, this game can run like a dream on modern PCs.

I recommend getting this game from GoG. It is also available on steam, but steam locks down the executable in ways that make it more difficult to get what we want. In Launchbox, set the application path to Morrowind.exe, so you can launch straight into the game, rather than having to go through the launcher first.

The first thing you will want to do is download a package called MGSO. This overhauls the graphics, fixes a lot of bugs, streamlines some things in the game and adds some mods that re balance some of the more broken game mechanics. All of it is modular and optional, so you can pick and choose what interests you. Note: the mod requires you to disable UAC so it can take control of your keyboard and mouse. Don't forget to re enable it once you are finished with the installer.

In the MGSO option, I personally prefer not to install the game sounds addon, as some of the content it adds are a bit distracting. The rest of it is pretty good stuff. I recommend to select "Don't install MGE" in the MGE menu, as we will end up installing a more up-to-date version later.

I had an issue during the morrowind launcher part, where the program seemed to lose track of the Morrowind Launcher window. Pressing ctrl+al+delete broke the programs hold on the mouse and keyboard. I then selected the morrowind launcher in the task bar, pressed options, and then MGSO was able to get back on track and finish the rest of the installation without issue.

When you are finished with that, go to the link below and download the most up to date version of MGE XE. Place the contents of the zip file in the morrowind installation directory.

Double click on the MGEUI.exe. The first thing you will need to do is go to the "In Game" tab, and make sure "Disabled MGE in Game" is unchecked. Then, in the graphics tab, you can select your preferred resolution, you can enable AA and AF, and you can also choose to use windowed mode with borderless fullscreen if you prefer. Click the shader button to add pretty effects. Next find the text box that says "UI scaling". This allows you to manually set the size of the text and game menus. If you are playing in 1080p, go ahead and set that to 1.9. If you are playing in 4k, I find anywhere between 2.5-4 to be comfortable, depending on your preference.

Select the Distant Land tab next, and click on "Distant Land Generator Wizard". In the plugins page select all your plugins. You can use the default options for everything else. When that is finished, locate the cells text box, and set the number of cells to 5. This dramatically increases the view distance in the game, which by default is really small. Note: this is a killer on performance! If you have a high end PC, you can probably get away with 10 or 15 cells with pretty good framerates, but I find that it doesn't make that much of a difference in game. (I get between 45-60fps with 5 cells on a modern PC). As a final step, click on the “generate distant land” button, and then when prompted use the default settings.

Now lets add controller support. I have included a joyToKey profile for this game as part of the thread attachments. The control scheme is as follows:

A - Activate

B - Game menus

X - Ready weapon

Y - Ready spell

Right Shoulder - Journal

Left Trigger - Attack, cast, use, left mouse click (menus)

Right Trigger - Jump

D Pad – hotkeys 1-4

Left Shoulder + Dpad – hotkeys 5-8

Start - Game menu (esc)

Back - toggle run/walk

Left Stick - Move

Right Stick - look, move mouse

Left Stick Click - toggle sneak mode

Right Stick Click - toggle third person view

Left Shoulder + Right Shoulder - Rest menu

Left Shoulder + start - quick save

Left Shoulder + back - quick load

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