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Written by Laura | 27th August 2020

Do you have a NES, SNES or Nintendo 64 lying around? If you still own a vintage Nintendo console, consider dusting it off and putting it up for auction. Why? Because it could be worth a fortune. The right Nintendo products have been known to sell for anywhere from € 100 to over € 10,000. We asked video games expert, Diana van der Valk, to reveal her tips for determining the value of your old console.

For a brand that's over a century old, Nintendo is still endlessly popular . And its most retro models are some of the most sought-after consoles in the world. "Vintage Nintendos are very good investments," Diana explains. “It's getting more difficult each year to find nice, old Nintendo stuff. Most collectors keep it sealed and wait for the value to go up but there are also a lot of collectors who don't care about the valuable aspects like box or manual - they just want to play. They don't want to spend extra money on cultivating their collection ”. Say they did though - what exactly are the things to bear in mind in understanding the value of your Nintendo?


The first criteria to consider is the condition of the console. How well has it survived the test of time? Does everything still work? Is it even slightly damaged (gaming can be competitive after all)? Or is it a fresh and shiny Nintendo, unopened and in its original box? The better its condition, the more it's likely to be worth.

"As far as the value of the console is concerned, the box is everything," says Diana. “It makes the price. All the NES, SNES and N64 consoles came in a big carton box. How big the change to the box is and how well-preserved it has been will indicate the value - the better condition, the higher the value. And if the console comes with special games, this can increase the value too. Take the SNES with Donkey Kong Country, which can reach up to € 500. "

The old Game & Watch is a popular collector's item


It might sound obvious but make sure you've kept all the console's bells and whistles is an important value contributor. Ask yourself: is your Nintendo set complete with working cables? Does it come with the controllers, proper packaging, accessories and its manual? The more original pieces you have to offer, the more money you are likely to get. And if you've lost the manual, consider buying one second-hand to increase the value of your set.

Portable consoles are becoming more popular than home consoles

Limited edition

As with most collectable objects, rarity is an important factor when estimating the value of a vintage console. When there are only a few of a certain Nintendo type available in circulation, collectors are usually willing to pay more than ones that are easy to find. Do some research to check whether your Nintendo is a limited edition or one of the only few remaining. If it's the latter, a lot of people might want it.

“You have the Game Boy Pocket Light as one example. It was only sold for a short period in Japan and was the first handheld with backlight," says Diana. "Or the Gameboy Micro Pokemon, only sold in the Pokemon center in Tokyo. Perhaps the rarest console is the Game Boy Advance Zelda Minish Cap set. It's never been in the shop an only 300 pieces have ever been made. It's valued at around 3000 euro and is a must-have for Nintendo collectors. And I have one ”.

Look for special-themed consoles like the above Pikachu N64

As for the future, Diana explains the portable consoles are what many collectors seek out. "When it comes to Nintendo collecting, the TV consoles were the major focus for collectors," says Diana. “For the past few years, handhelds like the Game Boy are becoming more popular. It'll always be about the consoles for me though - it's the nostalgia that comes with it and the toy that reminds me of my childhood.


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