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312 10/11/2021

If you own an Xbox, knowing how to clean Xbox games is important. Maintaining your games properly can extend play life, and even render unusable ones playable again.

Step 1: Planning

There are many problems that an Xbox game can have. Some are fixable, and others are not. It is important to know which problems your Xbox game has before deciding ona cleaning method. The wrong cleaners cando more damage than good.

To start off, hold your Xbox game up to a bright light, so it is between you and the light source. Examine the side with the data on it. If you can see light shining through, the inside of your DVD has been damaged, and your game is probably not repairable.

If your game does not allow light to pass through, however, you are in luck.

Step 2: Removing Dirt, Dust and Oil

Isopropyl alcohol is the best way to clean Xbox games and anything that interacts with electronics. It evaporates quickly, does not damage sensitive components, removes dirt and leaves no residue.

To apply isopropyl alcohol to your Xbox game, mix it with an equal amount of water and pour it on a clean cloth. Wipe your game starting from the center and moving towards the edge in a straight line. This way, even if you do scratch your game, it will leave the the scratch at the angle least likely to cause problems.

You do not need to dry your game, just leave it exposed to the air until the mixture of alcohol and water evaporates on its own.

If you have to, you can use any commercial window cleaner as a replacement for the mixture of alcohol and water. Use the same cleaning technique—put window cleaner on a clean cloth and wipe from center to edge, then allow your Xbox game to air dry.

Step 3: Removing Scratches

If you clean an Xbox game and it still refuses to run properly, it is probably scratched. Scratches can be superficial, only harming the clear plastic covering of your game. It is possible to fix this kind of damage, though it is obviously better to prevent it in the first place.

Mix some toothpaste with water on your clean cloth. Gently rub the scratches out. Toothpaste is abrasive enough to remove scratches, but if overused it will completely remove your DVD's layer of clear plastic. Use this technique as little as possible, because it will only work so many times before it irreversibly damages your Xbox game.

Step 4: Preventing Further Damage

Hopefully by now your Xbox game is playable again. To keep it that way, follow these simple rules.

Keep the game in its case when you aren't playing it. Be especially careful to keep your game out of direct sunlight, as this can damage the disc and make it unreadable. Keeping them in an area with low humidity is also a good idea. When you have to take your game out of its case, hold it by the edges. Avoid letting anything touch the face of your game at all costs. Also, avoid letting your game get dirty, as cleaning your Xbox game has a chance of scratching it.

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