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286 08/12/2021

There is a lot not like about Win10. Even if disregarding the tedious bi-annual version updates, and the 'apps' that cannot be

uninstalled. I could go on for hours (did actually, but realised I was most likely boring people so I've cut most of it out).

However, we have to work with, and around what we are given, and if so inclined, post complaints frequently via the Feedback app.

I doubt MS respond to less than millions of complaints on a specific issue though (Even before Win10, but they didn't even have

a feedback option before).


- Anyway, back on topic....

"and it slows my system to a crawl during boot up, and then I still have to wait for the game bar to pop up before I can close it."

- Hmm, I wonder why ?If it's not enabled in the Gaming Settings it should not be launching when you boot into Windows.

I certainly never has on my machine.

Have a look in Task Manager > Startup tab, and if you see it listed there you can disable it from launching with Windows.

While you are there you can disable anything else you know you don't need to load when booting into Windows.

If it is somehow running in the background, even when not enabled in either location, you can end the taskby

locating it in Task Manager > Processes. Not a desirable thing to have to do, but sometimes you gotta do....

Running DISM may fix a Game Bar always on issue. If not the more extreme measure of doing a Repair reinstall may be the only option.

DISM - Repair Windows 10 Image - Windows 10 Forums

[EDIT: I was browsing a link given by Greg on another GB thread.- If you have not already uninstalled the XBOX app, try Reset in option #4, or just uninstall the XBOX App.

The two features are apparently interconnected.

Failing that, check out the part of the article relating to deleting Game Bar keys from the Registry (back them up first as a precaution).

This deals with Game Bar corruption, and may help with your Game Bar auto-run issue.

- In your case not opening Game Bar after deleting the keys may be the better solution, but if the problems persists even with it

turned off in Game Settings, you may need to open Game Bar and rebuild the Registry keys as per the instructions.]

- I've never used Game Bar, but assume the uninstall button may not have been removed because MS are working on some other

strategy [EDIT: maybe linking Game Bar to the XBOX app].

Still strange they would leave an option that only leads to frustration, but MS works in mysterious ways.

- Regarding your older PC. Just how old and how much system RAM ?

(Not to do with age, but be glad you are not one of the poor souls who bought tablets\notebooks with criminally small 32GB memory chips.

soldered into the machine in lieu of a proper SSD\HDD.E-waste at it's finest.The Windows folder alone hovers around 20+GB. )

- Note that while you may see a lot of RAM in use, this may be because Win10 does a better job of using RAM than previous Windows.

At idle, my Win10 64bit averages around 2.5+GB with 8GB RAM. Win7 64bit used about 1.5GB w/ 8GB RAM with pretty much the same

things loading when booting into Windows.

Rather than have X GB's of RAM sitting empty Win10 caches more commonly used data than previous Windows, but when a program

requires more RAM, Win10 (should) reallocate more RAM to the program running in the foreground if required.

This has caused a fair amount of confusion, even from people with 8GB or more RAM who are accustom to seeing most of their RAM 'free'.

If your machine has less than 4GB RAM it may have issues, but only if you are a heavy multi-tasker or run programs such as Photoshop

with large files.

Does your machine have an HDD or SSD ? Win10 does seem to favour running from an SSD. I keep a backup of my Win10 on an

7200rpm HDD, and booting from the HDD (to verify the cloning process worked properly) is slow as molasses in winter.

*He heads off for a cup of coffee*.

If your machine is running slowly in general you may want to run Disk Cleanup, if you haven't done so in a long while.

Select the Cleanup System Files option for a more thorough job of deleting old update backups and files.



- Check out the article I linked to in my Edit above.

- Unfortunately, no one with any influence at MS headquarters\development team hangs out at these forums.

The feedback app is as good as it gets.


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