Here’s How Much Your Old Game Consoles Are Worth Now

274 25/12/2021


If you’re thinking about throwing out your old game console you need to take a second to reconsider, as you could potentially be sitting on a fortune.

In an age where big budget consoles can do more than just allow us to play video games, there are many gaming purists among us that perhaps pine for a simpler time.

I’m talking about a time when you weren’t concerned with convoluted bollocks like DLC and having to go your local GAME store to ask the sweaty, very nervous part-timer why your pre-order hasn’t arrived yet. A time when all that mattered was going around to your mates to play a few games (which soon turned into a 100-plus) of Street Fighter II.

For those that are fortunate enough, and perhaps blessed with hindsight, we can just go to our attic (where it’s practically Christmas everyday) and dust off that old Sega Mega Drive or SNES for nostalgia’s sake. And then there are those of us that regret selling it – or worse yet, opening it up to see what’s inside – once we received a superior console.

So if you’re looking to sell or purchase a console from yesteryear, here’s how much you’d be looking at.

[Note: all prices are estimations based of current bids on eBay]


Released: 1987 (UK)Original Price: £99Price Now: £12 – £379

The Sega Master was nothing to shout about compared to the Nintendo’s NES, however it did come with some fantastic gems like Alex The Kidd, Phantasy Star and Ninja Gaiden. As Sega’s first outing into the console world the Japanese company put a fairly solid console with a tight games library to accompany it, today you can find a Sega Master System for as cheap as £10, however if you’re looking for the whole sha-bang be prepared to go as high as £90 at least for an unopened console. If you’re looking to sell, you’d do well to have an extra control pad, the light gun controller and 3D glasses to drive up the price.

Standout games: Phantasy Star, Alex The Kidd, Phantasy Star, Rambo III, Ninja Gaiden, Wonder Boy In Monster Land


Released: 1986 (UK)Original Price: $200 (£160)Price Now: £200

What can be said about The NES that hasn’t been said already. Any self-respecting gamer (no matter what generation they were conceived in) knows about the console that kick-started a gaming dynasty like no other. It’s so iconic that last year Nintendo re-released its Mini Classic version containing 150-plus games, which sold out in an instant. However if you want, or are looking to sell, an original piece of first-gen Nintendo hardware then you’re price range will go from £28 (just the console) to £400.

Standout Games: Legend Of Zelda, Super Mario, Duck Hunt


Released: 1990 (UK)Original Price: £190Price Now: £75

Let’s be honest, the Mega Drive (or Genesis for any American readers) is Sega’s crowning achievement. It had a fucking awesome games library that was pretty much on par with Nintendo’s SNES. During the console wars you were either team Sega or team Nintendo. For those that picked the Mega Drive, you were well rewarded. For those looking to buy or sell you’ll starting from £75 and going up.

Standout Games: Sonic The Hedgehog II , Streets Of Rage II, NBA Jam: Tournament Edition


Released: 1992Original Price: $199 (£160)Price Now: £69 – £250

If you happened to be on the other side of the fence during the 16-bit era, well you didn’t do too badly either (TBH we were all winners during that time). The SNES was just near-perfect in every way, the games that came with it have stayed with us all the way up to adulthood, just thinking about it gets me misty eyed. It was so good in fact that the price range for the SNES, along with a bundle of games, can go up to an insane £400! The equivalent of a new, current-gen console.

Standout Games: Street Fighter II, Super Mario All-Stars, The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past


Released: 1995(UK)Original Price: £299Price Now: £40

For many modern gamers, Sony’s original little greybox was their first love and rightly so. As we entered a new age of gaming the PlayStation was the linchpin in making the successful transition from 2D to 3D and it was beautiful. I myself can’t count how many hours I put into that grey machine but bloody hell it was time well spent. The crazy thing is; for as little as £40 you can pick one up on eBay.

Standout games: The Tomb Raider series, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VII, Crash Bandicoot


Released: 1995(UK)Original Price: £399Price Now: £180

Chances are most of you gave this a pass and with the likes of Nintendo and Sony killing it, it stood no chance. However if you did get this insanely expensive console, you had a few good games. For any of you looking to get one now second-hand, or sell it off to make up rent, £180 is your average starting point.

Standout Games: Guardian Heroes, Nights Into Dreams, Virtual Fighter, X-Men VS. Street Fighter


Released: 1997 (UK)Original Price: £250Price Now: £150

Sega’s transition into the 3D might have been a monumental disaster but Nintendo’s was triumphant. The Nintendo 64 was their way of saying that they could keep up with the times. Another console that you could spend hours with and not get bored, also the amount of friendships that were made – and broken (thanks Goldeneye) – is unfathomable. Today this console can be found for an average of £150 on eBay.

Standout Games: Goldeneye, The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, WCW/NWO Revenge


Released: 1999(UK)Original Price: £199Price Now: £249 (If kept in original packaging)

If the Dreamcast was to be Sega’s last hurrah it was a good way to go out. For every bad Sonic game (his downfall is so bad BTW) that was released, at least we had games like Power Stone and Shenmue. It was always a losing battle, their last chance saloon if you will, but at least Sega went down fighting with this cult classic console. It’s still a remarkable piece of machinery, perhaps a little ahead of its time and if you can find one – or looking to sell one off – keep a £250 price in mind as a starting point.

Standout games: Power Stone, Shenmue, Crazy Taxi

Released: 2000Original Price: £300,Price Now: £80

Ahhh the PS2, I guess this is when game exclusivity became a ‘thing’, a console that most of us rinsed out in our sixth form/college and uni days this was another machine where friendships were made and broken (looking at you, PES 5). While the original launch price was the equivalent of a month’s shopping today you can get this bad boy on the cheap.

Standout games: Pro Evolution Soccer 5, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, God of War, Grand Theft Auto II


Released: 2000Original Price: £300Price Now: £70

Microsoft’s first foray into gaming wasn’t so bad, minus the lie that was Fable (to hell with you Peter Molyneux), it was a risk that paid off and that has seen dividends for the company and it’s thanks to this little black and green box. Despite being out of commission you can find this console on eBay lurking around for an average price of £70 (plus video games).

Standout games: Halo: Combat Evolved,Halo II


Released: 2002 (UK)Original Price: £129Price Now: £69

The Gamecube was severely underrated, but it also lacked a strong games library. However those that did pick this up still had some fun-as-hell games to kill their time with (I know I certainly did).I recommend that you pick one up and experience because: A) there are some good bloody games on it and B) it’s dead cheap!.

Standout games: Resident Evil 4, The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, Super Smash Bro. Melee


Released: 1982Original Price: £196Price Now: £92

Well we’re getting into really obscure territory now. If coding is your ‘thing’ (we’re guessing you played a lot of Dungeons & Dragons as well) the Commodore 64 is right up your alley. Also if you’re looking for a great father’s day gift he may just love this old relic from the past.

Standout games: Ask your Dad… or better yet your Grandad


Released: 1982Original Price: £125Price Now: £37 – £150

*See description for Commodore 64*

Standout games: Hell if we know… again ask your elders. Honestly it look like an expensive paperweight to us.

Released: 1994Original Price: £200Price Now: £200 – £960

If you had (or have) this console then you are gaming’s equivalent of a hipster… All insults aside this is a very ‘alt’ console to own. But if you did have it you known that it came armed with a few good gems and thanks to rarity an Atari Jaguar can fetch up to £1000 at least!

Standout games: Doom, Alien Vs Predator, Rayman

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