[GUIDE] How To Uninstall Xbox Game Bar Very Easily & Quickly

320 11/12/2021

Xbox game bar is a built-in windows application, that provides ease of access to certain services and applications while playing any game. The application now comes as a default system application. While playing any game, the overlay appears on the gaming screen, through which users can access services like, instant social media share, screen recording, live streaming, screenshot, chatting, and countless other services. But as we all know everything has some advantages and some disadvantages. Games like Call of duty, destiny, diablo, and other online games don’t go well with the Xbox game bar. Every time the user plays the game and the game bar appears the game crashes with a black screen. So in this guide, we will be demonstrating how to uninstall Xbox game bar.

Why Xbox Game Bar Causes Issues?

Since there is no clear explanation behind the crashing of certain applications and games because of the Xbox game bar, we can’t say much. The issue might occur because of the services, as the game services conflict with the Xbox Game bar service and that might lead to the crashing. Since it is a system application, users getting a hard time uninstalling the application.

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(Guide) How to Uninstall Xbox Game Bar

In this section, we will be going over different approaches you can take on this. Feel free to try out methods, if one method doesn’t work try another method.

1. From the Start Menu

This is one of the old fashioned ways of uninstalling applications. This How To Uninstall Xbox Game Bar in windows 10 method has worked for a lot of users so try it out. For reference, we have given all the steps.

STEP 1. Open up the Start Menu and Search for Xbox Game Bar/ XboxSTEP 2. You will see the Xbox game bar in the search resultsSTEP 3. While you are on the results page, right-click on the Xbox game bar and click UninstallSTEP 4.However, for some users, the Uninstall Button is inside the Settings buttonSTEP 5. So, Start Menu > Type Xbox Game Bar/ Xbox > Right-click > Settings > Uninstall

2. Using Power Shell

There are still a lot of users that are unable to get benefits using the above method. In some cases the uninstall button is grayed out, for some, there is no uninstall button. If you are also one of those users follow this How To Uninstall Xbox Game Bar in Windows 8 method.

STEP 1. Open up the Power Shell window and run it with administrator permissionSTEP 2. Once you are inthe power shell window execute the below commandGet-AppxPackage *xbox* | Remove-AppxPackage

” Or “

get-appxpackage *Microsoft.XboxGamingOverlay* | remove-appxpackageSTEP 3. Once the command is executed you can see that Xbox game bar application is no longer exists

3. Re-Install Xbox Game Bar

So if you have changed your mind and now and want back the Xbox game bar well, it is a fairly very easy process. Follow the How To Uninstall Xbox Game Bar in Windows 7 steps.

STEP 1. Go to the Start Menu and type Microsoft StoreSTEP 2. Once the Microsoft store has been opened upSTEP 3. Simply head to the search bar and type Xbox game bar then hit enterSTEP 4. Now from the search results, download the game bar and it will be installed without any hasslesConclusion:

With this being the end of the guide on How To Uninstall Xbox Game Bar. We have tried to cover all the possible ways of this. Furthermore, we have also demonstrated the steps for installing the Xbox game bar as well.

We hope this How To Uninstall Xbox Game Bar guide helped you, for more troubleshooting guides, tech review and other tech stuff follow us. Thank you!

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