World launch of the dating app Timeling in Oslo: Go on dates and meet new friends

37 10/06/2022

A completely new concept for meeting people.

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(The Magazine Plus Editorial):- Oslo, Norway Mar 17, 2022 ( – A completely new concept for meeting people has taken over the streets of Oslo, and the user growth has already been formidable.

“Timeling is designed for people who want real connections. We’re changing the game by putting the date first. There will be no more endless chit-chatting or profile swiping. We want to invite everyone to try Timeling app as a new way of meeting people.” Explains, Misa D’Angelo, Communication Director for Timeling, by saying how this app will change the rules in the dating market.

Misa is from Italy and works as an actress. She has starred in several Netflix series and is part of the team behind the new-born dating service. “Timeling is created for those who want real connections and actually meeting new people. Our goal is to end endless chatting that leads to nothing and get people to meet offline. This is a completely new way to find dates and meet new friends”, says Misa D’Angelo.

This is how meeting new people with Timeling works:

The pandemic has been a major obstacle when it comes to creating new relationships. Misa believes the pandemic has had a very negative effect on people, who had to live under strict measures for a long time. Limited contacts or even curfews took a heavy toll on relationships. Now Timeling wants to change the game by getting people out their doorstep.

“Timeling has an active deadline. People have probably been sitting alone at home in front of a screen for the last two years. We think it’s time to start meeting in real life. Sign up and get out” says Misa D’Angelo.

World launch of the dating app Timeling in Oslo: Go on dates and meet new friends

“We’re going to change the communication around dating apps. Many Norwegians use existing apps, but it is a taboo to be serious and actually meet someone to test love” says Misa D’Angelo, Communications Director of Timeling App.

She herself has experience with endless chatting on dating apps and believes people need a little push to actually meet up and take making new connections seriously.

Timeling is not only created to find dates and to flirt. It is also designed for those who want to meet new friends. Imagine if you travel to a new country or just moved to a new city. It can be really difficult to find people to hang out with. Let alone finding friends who can show you around and take you to the best local places. With Timeling, you can do exactly that. Meet new people, make real connections and enjoy your time!

When the restrictions open for bigger get-togethers, the new dating challenger has planned a real party. “The plan has always been to have a big launch party. We have postponed this until the spring. We will organize this year’s celebration of physical meetings, joy and community” says Misa D’Angelo.

Life is short, Let’s meet up!
Available for iOS and Android. Get the app here

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