Which Baseball Stadiums Allow Electronic Cigarettes

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Despite the fact that electronic cigarettes have gained massively in popularity over recent years, consumers may not be allowed to use their vape in a number of places. In fact, only a few establishments have embraced the use of e-cigarettes with open arms. Whether you are a beginner or a vaping pro, it helps to know where you can use your vape pen without causing any discomfort for others or running into trouble with local laws.

Sports stadiums attract large numbers of people including vapers and non-vapers. For example, if you are a baseball fanatic, you may want to know which will stadiums allow you to use your e-hookah.

Vaping at Airports & On Planes

As with traditional tobacco, vaping e-cigarettes is not allowed on UK flights. Alarms may activate if you try to use these products in the toilets, so don’t try to be smart. Always research the electronic cigarette laws of the countries you are visiting before taking your devices with you.

Which Baseball Stadiums Allow Electronic Cigarettes

When you travel to overseas countries where vaping is legal, you can use your ePuffer vape pen without fear of any law.

Electronic cigarette use and smoking policies of Major League Baseball Stadiums

In the US, among the 30 Major League Baseball Stadiums, about 20 of them strictly prohibit the consumption of e-cigarettes inside their facilities. Two more stadiums ban smoking but do not ban the use of e-cigarettes near their sports facilities. 6 further baseball stadiums ban the use of e-cigs and also tobacco products. z stadiums in Toronto, Seattle, Colorado, and Tampa Bay prohibit marijuana smoking.

In a UK context, electronic cigarette policies also vary from club to club. Popular stadiums like Man United’s Old Trafford and Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge enforce strict bans. Smaller clubs may have relaxed rules on e-cigarettes though. These policies keep changing, so always read the stadium rules before you try to vape.

Chicago Cubs – Wrigley Field

In their efforts to accommodate people from different backgrounds, Chicago Cubs –Wrigley Field strictly prohibits smoking or any other tobacco use. Whether it’s traditional cigarettes, e-cigs, or smokeless tobacco, it’s not allowable to vape inside the stadium.

However, there are designated areas outside the Budweiser Gate and Gallagher Gate that allow smokers to use their devices. According to state laws, smoking is prohibited within 15 ft of any entrance to the ballpark.

New York Yankees Stadium

Neither smoking nor the use of electronic cigarettes is allowed in the NY Yankee stadium. Currently, there are no designated smoking areas, and re-entry is not an option. The usage of smokeless tobacco products is banned as well. Violators risk facing the full extent of the law, such as getting evicted without any refund.

Los Angeles Angel Stadium

For the sake of the wellness of all fans, smoking is not allowed in the seating areas, and suites, or restrooms. However, in designated areas such as the ramps and Plaza Court, it is okay to smoke. E-cigarette consumers must observe the same restrictions as fans who violate the policies may be thrown out of the ballpark.

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