Titans restrict electronic ticket transfers to discourage Bengals fans from attending playoff game

32 07/06/2022

The Tennessee Titans have drawn up a scheme to stop the Cincinnati Bengals' "12th man" during their divisional playoff game Saturday with the AFC North champions.

The Titans are scheduled to host the Bengals at 3:30 p.m. CST at Nissan Stadium in Nashville.

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The game is sold out, but fans – collectively referred to as the "12th man" for the impact of their cheering on the game – may still be able to buy tickets in the secondary market from online ticket resale companies such as StubHub and Vivid Seats.

How did the Titans change playoff ticket rules to keep Bengals fans out?

However, the Titans control the timing of the electronic transfer of digital tickets through their NFL partner, Ticketmaster.

Titans restrict electronic ticket transfers to discourage Bengals fans from attending playoff game

And team officials announced last month when they were in contention for the playoffs that they would restrict the transfer of tickets to playoff games until 24 hours before kickoff.

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"We want Nissan Stadium to be two tone blue. And so by limiting this transfer window, it also limits the number of visiting team fans that we’ll have in the stadium,'' Brooke Ellenberger, vice president of ticketing for the Titans, told News Channel 5 in Nashville, according to a report on the Bengals Wire.

Season ticket holders and others who held tickets to the game before the new policy was adopted may have already transferred their tickets to third-party buyers.

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But the intent of the Titans' new ticket policy is clear: To discourage opposing fans from attending the game by making them wait until just before the game to secure their tickets.

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Emily Parker, the Bengals' director of Communications, was undaunted: "The Bengals are excited to have a lot of fans cheer on the team in Nashville.''

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