This Chess Game Is Absolutely Insane!

24 06/08/2022

With the strongest engines playing each other 24/7 for the Computer Chess Championship, chess fans are graced with a virtually infinite supply of fascinating games. However, every now and then a game is SO extraordinary that even other computer games can't compare. When that happens, we just have to share it with the world.

Recently, the two engines Stoofvlees and Igel faced each other in the 17th Computer Bullet Chess Championship. Playing the Nimzowitsch-Larsen Attack was mandatory for this encounter, and up until move eight, it seemed like a normal game would develop. It was at that point that Stoofvlees showed its intention of going for the astonishing. A simple-looking pawn sacrifice was the prelude for the attacking brilliancy that was ahead.

Some games make you wanna stop what you’re doing and play #chess right away… 29.Nb3!! Are you f*ing kidding me???

— Daniel Rensch (@DanielRensch) April 10, 2022

This Chess Game Is Absolutely Insane!

It's no secret that every chess player loves to see a great piece sacrifice. Nothing gets the heart pumping faster than giving material away and threading a thin line between an astonishing victory or a soul-crushing defeat. So, when you see the winning side giving away not one but multiple pieces, you know something special is going to happen—especially when you can't see an immediate combination to win the game.

Check out the video below where NM Sam Copeland analyzes this insane game. And, like many of the people who have already seen it, sit back and enjoy as you go from shocked to amazed while the unbelievable unfolds before your eyes:

It's very hard for players to detach themselves from the "concrete" features of a position, such as material count. In this game, Stoofvlees beautifully demonstrates how the dynamic aspects of the game, such as piece activity, can be decisive. If you want to take a careful look at the game and appreciate it at your own pace, check it out below, with annotations by NM Anthony Levin:

This is not the only remarkable game computers have played in the CCC. Check out our Computer Chess playlist on YouTube and enjoy the breathtaking world of computer chess!

What did you think about this insane game? Let us know in the comment section below!

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