Taking Control By Destroying Cash: Beware Cyber Polygon As Part Of The Elite Coup

78 23/07/2022

Monday,2 August 2021, 10:11 am
Article: Robert J. Burrowes

For many people desperate to see a return to a life thatis more familiar, it is still easy to believe that theupheavals we have experienced since March 2020 and thechanges that have been wrought in their train are‘temporary’, even if they are starting to ‘drag on’somewhat longer than hoped.

However, anyone who ispaying attention to what is taking place in the backgroundis well aware that the life we knew before 2020 has alreadyended and what is being systematically put in its place asthe World Economic Forum (WEF) implements its ‘GreatReset’ will bear no comparison to any period prior to lastyear. See ‘KillingDemocracy Once and for All: The Global Elite’s Coupd’état That Is Destroying Life as We KnowIt’.

Of course, those of us who qualify as‘ordinary people’ have had no say in the shape of whatis being implemented: that shaping has been the prerogativeof the criminal global elite which is now implementing aplan that has been decades in the making and built onhundreds of years of steady consolidation of elitepower.

Also, of course, there is nothing about thisshaping that is good for us. In simple terms, it isreshaping the human ‘individual’ so that previouslyfundamental concepts such as human identity, human liberty,human rights (such as freedom of speech, assembly andmovement), human privacy and human volition are not justnotions of the past but are beyond the comprehension of thetypical ‘transhuman’. At the same time, the global eliteis restructuring human society into a technocratic dystopiawhich is a nightmarish cross between ‘Brave New World’,‘1984’ and the Dark Age. See ‘StrategicallyResisting the New Dark Age: The 7 Days Campaign to ResistThe Great Reset’.

The only question remaining isthis: ‘Can we mobilize adequatestrategic resistance – that is,resistance that systematically undermines the power of theglobal elite to conduct this coup and restores power toordinary people – to defeat this coup?’

But beforeI answer that question, I wish to highlight just one elementof the elite coup that is taking place and outline theprofound changes that are being left in its wake unless westop them.

These changes are essentially related tothe capacities of computerized technologies to deprive us ofwhat little we have left of our financial autonomy,including because any notion of privacy is rapidlyvanishing.

Vanishing Money

One reason forhighlighting the issue of money is because while it is goodto see increasing critical attention being paid to the‘injectables’ program, with its devastating consequencesfor humanity, far too little attention is being paid to theprofoundly important transformation being wrought undercover of the elite-driven narrative which has virtually allpeople’s attention distracted from this deeper agenda. Andwhile this deeper agenda entails a great many aspects, onesubset of these is related to the way in which the globalfinancial system is being re-engineered to play its role infully controlling the human population.

In a series ofreports issued in early 2020, the Deutsche Bank claimed that‘cash will be around for a long time’. See the threereports accessible from ‘Transitionto digital payments could “rebalance global economicpower”’.

However, these reports arecontradicted by other research and the ongoing evidence thatcash is vanishing. Most importantly, there is no doubt aboutthe elite intention in this regard. They want cashgone.

The digitization of money has been occurring fordecades and it is now being accelerateddramatically.

Moreover, the World Economic Forum andother elite organizations have been actively working towardsachieving a cashless economy for years. To get a sense ofthis trend, see ‘Whywe need a “less-cash society”’ and ‘TheUS should get rid of cash and move to a digital currency,says this Nobel Laureate economist’.

Notably, inthis respect, the ‘BetterThan Cash Alliance’ has 78 members ‘committed todigitizing payments.’ If you think that this is agrassroots initiative set up by people like you and me, youwill be surprised to read that the Bill & Melinda GatesFoundation is a ‘Resource Partner’ to the initiativealong with some UN agencies, many national governments andcorporations such as Mastercard and Visa.

So while thetrend toward a cashless society has been progressingsteadily for some decades, with countries like Denmark,Norway and Sweden already virtually cashless and Indiarapidly moving in that direction – see ‘India’sPM Modi defends cash ban, announces incentives’ –the so-called ‘Covid-19 pandemic’ was contrived partlyto provide a pretext for further accelerating the move fromcash to cards and apps, with increasing numbers of peopleusing the digital methods, even for small sums, partlybecause some people were scared into believing that the‘virus’ could be transmitted by bills andcoins.

But there is more. In addition to measures notmentioned here, other plans include the use of a facial scanthat records your entry to a store and is linked toartificial intelligence that identifies you and your creditrating. This then enables, or otherwise, your ability to payfor goods and services based on this facialscan.

‘Does all of this matter’, you might ask.Well the convenience of cards and apps has two significantcosts: your privacy and your freedom. You lose both simplybecause while paying with cash is anonymous, paying by cardor app leaves a digital trail that is as difficult to followas an elephant whose tail you are already holding. And thisdigital trail forms a vital part of the surveillance gridthat enables all of those who are tracking and documentingyour movement, your payments and your behaviour to do sowithout leaving the comfort of their chairs. For more detailon this, watch ‘Cash or card – will COVID-19 killcash?’ which is embedded in the article ‘Cashor Card – Will COVID-19 Kill Cash? Leaving a DigitalFootprint With Every Payment’.

Taking Control By Destroying Cash: Beware Cyber Polygon As Part Of The Elite Coup

But it goesbeyond this. As touched on above in relation to privacy andexplained at some length by Whitney Webb, ‘there is arelated push by WEF partners to “tackle cybercrime” thatseeks to end privacy and the potential for anonymity on theinternet in general, by linking government-issued IDs tointernet access. Such a policy would allow governments tosurveil every piece of online content accessed as well asevery post or comment authored by each citizen, supposedlyto ensure that no citizen can engage in “criminal”activity online.

‘Notably, the WEF Partnershipagainst Cybercrime employs a very broad definition of whatconstitutes a “cybercriminal” as they apply this labelreadily to those who post or host content deemed to be“disinformation” that represents a threat to“democratic” governments. The WEF’s interest incriminalizing and censoring online content has been madeevident by its recent creation of a new GlobalCoalition for Digital Safety to facilitate the increasedregulation of online speech by both the public and privatesectors.’ See ‘EndingAnonymity: Why the WEF’s Partnership Against CybercrimeThreatens the Future of Privacy’.

But to getback to cash: Unfortunately for us, the global elite doesnot intend to leave the abolition of cash to our‘preference for the convenience of cards’ and othermoves to entice us to switch to digital payment. It fullyintends to force us to accept digital methods as the onlymeans of payment.

In part, this is because electronicpayments are extremely lucrative for banks and paymentservice providers, while the data broker industry is alsomaking huge revenues. See ‘Cashor Card – Will COVID-19 Kill Cash? Leaving a DigitalFootprint With Every Payment’.

And in some ways,‘killing cash’ is simple. Two obvious ways of doing soare by removing ATMs (including from shopping centres) andclosing local bank branches so that cash is simplyunavailable. As has been happening for some time. See ‘WhyAre ATMs Disappearing at an Alarming Rate after a Wave ofBranch Closures?’ and ‘Australianbank branches and ATMs are vanishing’.

But, inthis instance, even profitability is at the trivial end ofthe elite motivation spectrum.

Cash is being forcedout of existence because it undermines the elite agenda totake all power from ordinary people.

So, in parallelwith other regressions over the past 18 months as the elitecoup to take complete control of our lives has continued tounfold, there have been ‘warnings’ from variousinstitutions – including the World Economic Forum and theCarnegie Endowment for International Peace – about thepossibility of an ‘allegedly imminent cyber attack thatwill collapse the existing financialsystem’.

Following a simulation in 2020, in whichthe World Economic Forum along with the Russian governmentand global banks conducted a high-profile cyberattacksimulation that targeted the financial industry, anothersimulation was held on 9 July 2021 involving the WorldEconomic Forum and the Russian government-owned Sberbank aswell as other key financial agents. See ‘CyberPolygon’ and ‘Cyber Polygon2021’. In reality, of course, such a collapse of thefinancial system would constitute ‘the final yet necessarystep’ to implement the World Economic Forum’s desiredoutcome of forcing a widespread shift ‘to digital currencyand increased global governance of the internationaleconomy’.

If this financial collapse happens, the‘solution’ suggested by key agencies – ‘to unite thenational security apparatus and the finance industry first,and then use that as a model to do the same with othersectors of the economy’ – will ensure that we lose whatlittle control is left in our lives, not just in relation toour financial resources but in all other domains as well.For a full explanation, see ‘WEFWarns of Cyber Attack Leading to Systemic Collapse of theGlobal Financial System’.

And for anotheraccount of the deeper agenda and its financial impactsalready, including its ‘economic genocide’, as well aswhat is yet to happen, watch this interview of CatherineAustin Fitts: ‘GlobalistCentral Banking New World Order ResetPlan’.

Beyond this, if you want some insightinto another key threat in the cybercrime realm, check outthis video by the Ice Age Farmer in relation to the cyberthreat to the power grid. See ‘“NextCrisis Bigger than COVID” – Power Grid/Finance Down –WEF’s Cyber Polygon’.

So How Can WeResist?

Fortunately, there is some resistancealready.

In response to concerns in the United Statesthat businesses that refuse cash will disadvantagecommunities with poor access to traditional banking systems,there are signs that ‘a national movement protectingconsumers’ ability to pay in cash may be emerging’ witha number of states and cities already outlawing cashlessoutlets. See ‘Cashor Credit? State and City Bans on Cashless Retailers Are onthe Rise’.

Realistically, however, given what isat stake, considerable elite pressure will be applied toreverse these decisions in time. So we need our defense tobe more rigorous and less reliant on agents who are unlikelyto be tough enough to defend our interests or will besidelined or killed for doing so, as at least two nationalpresidents who resisted the elite intention last year havesince been killed. See ‘Coronavirusand Regime Change: Burundi’s Covid Coup’ and ‘JohnMagufuli: Death of an African FreedomFighter’.

Moreover, given the likelihood thatthe financial system will be deliberately crashed at somepoint – and possibly soon – we need to employ a varietyof tactics, that build resilience into our resistance, todefeat this initiative.

Hence, storing and paying withcash, moving your accounts to local community banks orcredit unions (and away from the large corporate banks) andmaking the effort to become more self-reliant, particularlyin food production, will increase your resilience, as willparticipating in local trading schemes, whether involvinglocal currencies or goods and services directly.

Aswith all elements of the defense we implement, it will needto be multi-layered and integrated into the overall defensestrategy. The elite intends to kill off many of us – asthe depopulation measures within the coup, including thedestruction of the global economy throwing 500,000,000people out of work and killing millions as a result, as wellas the ‘injectables’ program already killing tens ofthousands, make perfectly clear – and enslave therest.

For an integrated strategy to defeat the elitecoup, see the ‘We Are Human, WeAre Free’ campaign, which has 29 strategic goals fordefeating the coup including meaningful engagement withpolice and military forces to assist them to understand andresist, rather than support, the elite agenda.

But fora simpler presentation, see the 7Days Campaign to Resist The Great Reset. The Telegram groupis here.


One of the interestingchallenges about the current ‘Covid-19 Crisis’ is thatit continues to very successfully distract most people fromawareness of the deeper agenda: the Global Elite’s‘Great Reset’ and related initiatives, such as thatdiscussed above in relation to money.

Hence, apartfrom the perennial problem of raising awareness andmobilizing resistance among those still believing theelite-driven propaganda, we face two key strategichazards.

The first hazard is a longstanding one: whilevirtually all people believe that elite agents – in thiscase, governments – are controlling events, much‘resistance’ will focus on begging governments, throughsuch things as petitions and protest demonstrations, to‘fix it’ for us. The elite has long dissipated ourdissent by having us direct it at one or other of itsagents. This case is no different. And while we are notusing our occasional large rallies to inform people how toresist powerfully every day of their life, these rallies area waste of time whatever solidarity they build in the shortterm. History is categorically instructive on thatpoint.

A second strategic hazard we face is thatresistance to the ‘vaccine’ and the ‘vaccine’passport might be ‘successful’ (in the sense thatconcerted actions stall some government implementation ofsome measures in relation to these two initiatives) andleave most people believing that they have ‘won’, whilethe deeper agenda remains in the shadows with virtuallyno-one resisting.

It is important, therefore, thatthose who are aware of the deeper agenda continue to provideopportunities for others to become aware of this too and thefundamental threat it poses to us all while also sharing howwe can resist its key dimensions in a way that makes adifference. It is not enough to complain about elite agents,such as governments, the medical and pharmaceuticalindustries, and the corporate media.

We muststrategically resist the elite coup itself with actions suchas those in the 7Days Campaign to Resist The Great Reset before we findourselves locked in a technocratic prison without thefree-willed minds necessary to analyze, critique, plan andact.

Biodata: Robert J. Burrowes has a lifetimecommitment to understanding and ending human violence. Hehas done extensive research since 1966 in an effort tounderstand why human beings are violent and has been anonviolent activist since 1981. He is the author of ‘WhyViolence?’ His email address is flametree@riseup.netand his website is here.

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