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The Star Wars franchise has seen some great games come and go over the years. The iconic gaming company has had tons of beloved classics and hits throughout its life in gaming. Then came 2012, a year that not only saw the company acquired by Disney but also reinvent itself; new TV shows, comic books, films, and most importantly, video games were tossed into the market. Now, while the new releases were received with open arms as millions and millions turned out to make purchases and subscribe, the good news ended there!

Things were not good. Actually, they were nasty! From the mediocre The Force Awakens to the shabby The Rise of Skywalker, it was not rosy. And don't forget the controversial EA's Stars Wars Battlefront II video game or the out-rightly worthless Solo film.

But not everything was bad: a few titles likeJedi: Fallen Order (2019) were revitalizing entries into the Star Wars World, even if they were not received warmly as their older and more popular counterparts. Similarly, there are other exciting Star Wars games to play, both recent and old. Though the franchise is not creating any new games,it is at least ensuring that you can enjoy old games on new consoles. In the loving memory of the popular Star Wars of the '90s and early 2000s, here are the top video games of the franchise. And the good news is that you can purchase any of them today and enjoy. Go ahead and browse our picks and consider each one's pros and cons. When you finish, you'll be able to pick out one of the best Star Wars games!

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1. Star Wars Battlefront II - Xbox

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Star Wars' original Battlefront II title, released in 2005, holds a unique place in the hearts of most Star Wars followers. Actually, the franchise cemented its name as a leader in the gaming world with the game. The first- and third-person shooter video game has lots of goodies to offer; first, you play various classes like the standard trooper. You can either use huge weapons to neutralize tanks or help your allies by giving them ammo/ health and fixing vehicles.

Now, despite the game having a standard storyline, different factions have specific classes. For instance, a clone commander class is distinct to the republic, including rally capabilities( increases your teammate's defense), a recon droid, and a mounted mini-gun. Also, there is a Bothan spy for Rebel Alliance, that uses a dangerous incinerator for close-range fights and can become invisible to avoid exposure. The troopers, on the other hand, are slightly weak and can be executed relatively easily when alone. So if you plan to use a rocket launcher, don't forget your pistol, as anyone can easily kill you.

These features, plus others not mentioned in this guide, make the play from various factions uniform yet distinct because each class has a weakness. Similarly, the unique balance makes teamwork very important as it makes the difference between losing or winning.

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2. The Force Unleashed 2 (2010)

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The game comes after the Revenge of Sith, where Jedi has fallen. Your role will be as a secret apprentice to Darth Vader's. You will be the apprentice who cleans up Darth's evil works.

As the apprentice, you will be unusually strong, which brings out the meaning of the title. Using different control options, the apprentice can easily grip and hurl the closest objects to people, electrocute enemies, and send blast barriers apart.

The game is all about harnessing these powers and learning the best ways to use them. However, you will experience the real excitement when learning your abilities, how to explore them, and how to play smart.

Playing as the secret apprentice, you enjoy the freedom of being a loose cannon. You have one responsibility, which is to your master. Darth, being the master of all evil, will hand you the absolute power to destroy rebel forces and your enemies. Which means you have the go-ahead to do everything.

The Force Unleashed has a behavioral simulation engine. Thus, the population moves naturally and believably. The game mimics real situations, which makes it more interesting. Besides, everything moves in an authentic sense, giving you pleasure as you unleash your weapons of destruction.

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3. Star Wars Pinball-Nintendo Switch

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Star Wars Pinball holds a legacy among other Nintendo games. It has a legacy because it offers the player a chance to feel the action and a Star War experience best.

This version entirely takes advantage of Switch's vertical screen orientation, HD rumble, and unique hardware. The Joy-cons will ensure you feel the action. Playing on the Switch console also offers flexibility as you can turn the device to achieve a taller screen.

The game enables you to feel the force as you play, making your pinball dream a reality. When playing pinball, there are moments where you want to take things slow and carefully make a perfect shot. Well, this is what Star Wars Pinball offers.

There is a speed feature under the game's new feature, enabling you to slow the game down and take your shot. The speed option is cool and shows creative approximation, which offers you an experience of how it would feel if you had Jedi reflexes when playing.

Star Wars Pinball is an ultimate version of Pinball games. Its game design, features, aesthetics, and characters are quite impressive. So, whether you are a gaming beginner or an expert, this Pinball game will meet your expectations.

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4. Jedi: Fallen Order (2019)

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If you are searching for a Star War single-player game, Jedi: Fallen Order is the right game for you. Experience the thrill and feel the influence that comes with playing Fallen Order. Best Star Wars Games (Updated 2021)

The game offers flexibility, as there are different Jedi powers that you can unlock at different progressive levels. Some features which you can unlock include double-jumping, force push, force pull, etc.

There is also an option for you to upgrade your lightsaber several times. The Fallen Order also offers numerous lightsaber customization solutions, which are quite impressive.

The game has a skill tree which you will need several points to unlock. Once unlocked, the skill tree will continue to expand as you realize certain latent force powers.

While Fallen Oder isn't a combination-based action game, its combat mechanics are quite impressive. They are similar to those of Sekiro, which allow you to lock on enemies, hit your enemy with either standard or massive attacks and dodge.

The game offers versatility in that you can choose a difficulty level from the available four options. Thus, you can adjust the difficulty level depending on your prowess in playing games. The combat is fun and gets better as you gain more abilities.

Its graphics are breathtaking, and there is a range of options to choose from in terms of the environment. The map changes as you continue playing through and as you unlock different areas.

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5. Star Wars: The Old Republic - PC

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When first launched in 2011, the Old Republic was a very ambitious game. It features a wholly-voiced MMO, which helped bring out the decision-driven storytelling of one player.

Now, the game is more advanced. You fully experience what it is like to be part of Star Wars. To make your experience fun, you can choose your character. You can play as Jedi (the main character), Sith, or other classics.

The Old Republic is now a multiplayer online role-playing star game. It offers more flexibility as you get to choose your Star Wars Saga. After choosing your character, you play through a series of interactive, exciting storylines that feature cinematic dialogue and a comprehensive voice for each character.

You get to go on adventures with companions, some of who fight by your side. The game lets you engage in heroic combat where you fight reactive enemies and eventually earn your starship.

Though you can play the core game for free, there is a subscription option. The game's paid version includes a level cap increase and has access to Onslaught and unlimited access to different game modes.

Note that, like the original version of the game, the Old Republic also needs an external SWTOR for it to be installed and running.

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6. Star Wars Battlefront (PS4)

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If you love challenges, the indestructible battlefront environments could be quite the thrill for you. The game environment has long strips of land, with arranged lines on it. There is a large map for both the Walker Assault and Supremacy modes.

The fiction features in Battlefront are on another level. You won't have to climb onto or out of the vehicle. Instead, you are teleported to the cockpit once you pick the power-up. The transition between infantry to vehicle and back to infantry is relatively seamless.

Star Wars Battlefront has a unique design philosophy. Its philosophy is to give each gamer a first-hand experience of what it would feel like to become part of an iconic star war battle.

Unlike most games that target gamers with a specific skill, Battlefront's design makes it ideal for all players of any skill level. So, if you had the Battlefront X- game expectation, you might want to put that aside.

There are many powerful tools that the player can take advantage of. For example, rocket launchers and automated turrets, which you can use without having to play for hours to earn.

The game has a multiplayer mode, which will keep each team on toes until the end. The fighter squadron mode offers flexibility and accessibility. In conclusion, the game does achieve its role in making you feel part of the star wars universe.

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7. Star Wars Battlefront II-Xbox One

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The second series of Star Wars Battlefront was finally released in 2017. It has a campaign phew and an engaging experience that is more rewarding compared to its predecessor.

Expect new characters and events, as the game has officially received its canon blessing by Disney. The game intrigues you right from the start when Iden Versio, the lead lady character, is surrounded by other characters who claim their rights to have a place in the galaxy.

It has a multiplayer option, which lets you choose between playing as a hero and a villain. Taking control of your role is fun, but it gets more interesting when it gets into the battle royale territory, where you get to decide which player mode works best for you.

Once you complete the first three missions, you will encounter breathtaking humor crops in each subsequent task. Battlefront II has a unique combination of humor and severe space drama.

The campaign has a bonus, which sheds light on the events between the Jedi's return, and the force awakening. Battlefront II has a nice tie with recent comics and canonized books, giving the ultimate gaming experience.

There will be a tease at the end of the epilogue, which is a promising sign of the next level. So expect more campaign content.

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8. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

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Initially, when KOTOR was first launched in 2015, it was scrapped off and not seen as a priority. Now, in 2020, it has taken gamers by storm with more than $1 billion purchases, and here is why:

The remake game features a solid and interesting storyline. The story is well thought out, and its plot is well written out. You will be playing the role of a young soldier cruising in a warship that is under attack from Darth Malak forces. You will have to be creative enough to find a way to escape the shop and rescue Bastilla, your Jedi commander.

KOTOR plot features many twists, turns, and mysteries, making the game enjoyable from the start to the end. The immersive story will keep you yearning to find out what's next.

As for customization, at the start of the game, you can choose between different character classes. There are three other character classes (soldier, scoundrel, scout), and you also get to choose the gender. Each class has its distinct abilities and unique strengths.

You also get to choose the character's name and their facial appearance- flexibility at its best. The game's face customization feature is more accessible compared to designing your face.

When playing, you assume one character's role, and you get to travel between different planets. Though the combat is turn-based, it happens in real-time, adding a thrill to it. The epitome of the excitement is the ability to converse with different life forms you meet on other planets.

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9. Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga-Nintendo Wii

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Nintendo Wii is a game centered on action-adventure. Most of the focus goes on cooperative playing and puzzle-solving, which are often required simultaneously.

This game marks the first time Lego Star Wars makes an appearance on the list of current-generation consoles. As such, it has enhanced visuals, which make the game appear more appealing.

You will somehow manage to make your way through Naboo palace passing through the famous Death stars' corridors when starting. Though there are numerous characters that you can unlock and choose from, each character is highly capable and possesses unique abilities.

Since all the vehicles and characters are made from Legos, you can expect a playful and surreal aesthetic, making the game fun. The game momentarily breaks from the action-adventure and turns into a brief pod race- which is a great way to break up the action monotony.

The most notable improvement is the group-based format, which allows you to play over the internet. This is an addition that has been thoughtfully integrated to make it effortless for a new player to join the game at any point.

Other changes include the complete saga boasts is the pursuit of Zam Wessell, the bounty hunter through Coruscant. Some sequences record minor changes, such as the gunship cavalry chapter, which comes towards the end of the attack against the clones now features less gun-blazing and more puzzle elements.

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10. Star Wars: Squadrons (PS4)

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What makes Star Wars: Squadron a must-play is its versatility. The fact that it can be played on just about any console including, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S makes it one of the best Star Wars games around. Furthermore, when the game is played on either PS4 or PC, players can enjoy the game in Virtual Reality. The ability to use VR features drastically changes the gaming experience for the better. Ultimately both versions are worth a shot.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be a pilot in the Star Wars universe, then this game is for you. Piloting these advanced aircraft is a genuine thrill. Players can choose to play as a member of one of two warring factions. The view of space through the cockpit will take your breath away at times. The incredible graphics give space navigation a level of realism previously thought to be impossible. Battling your way through the campaign is an experience that should last around 10 hours.

Luckily this game will keep you entertained despite the poor narrative quality. The excellent multiplayer more than makes up for the lackluster plot in the single-player mode. Make sure to complete the single-player mode before diving into multiplayer. Piloting the ship is no easy task. The game’s in-depth tutorial ensures that your piloting skills progress evenly as the campaign increases in difficulty. Getting the hang of the advanced techniques will provide a wonderful sense of satisfaction.

The immersive VR feature is not the only impressive aspect of this game. Playing online is one of the game’s best offerings. The games unfold at a quick pace so be prepared for the unexpected. There is definitely a learning curve when it comes to tackling the 5v5 battle mode.

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Odds are what your friend looks for in a refreshment is entirely different from what you go for, depending on your taste and priorities. While they may go for nutrition, you concentrate on taste. The same applies to Star Wars games. Just like pizza, big names in the gaming world can be appealing, addictive, or seem flashy to most people, but do very little to make some happy. So how can you separate the chaff from the wheat and choose the best game for your need?

While it can be overwhelming to choose the right game as there are tons of genres available, one constant factor is that you want something that appeals to you. Everybody has preferences and tastes; as such, you must determine what works for you. Here are tips on how to go about it:

What Console You Own And Your Comfort

All Star Wars games are not available on all gaming platforms. Some are available on PS4, some on PC through download on stream, while others are only available on mobile devices or gaming consoles. So determine what genre is ideal for your needs and then choose the gaming platform based on what you have.

Don't limit yourself to what you have if you can afford better. Owning a Play station doesn't mean you must use it for gaming. If you don't feel comfortable sitting in front of the TV holding a console, consider other available options. There are many places in your house, the library, or an internet cafe that you can relax from. The environment where you game from is also vital if you want to enjoy.

Now, If you like limiting your gaming to when you are home sitting in front of your Tv, console, or TV, gaming is your best bet. This essentially means that you can use a Play station or Xbox if you own one. Similarly, if you fancy the comfort of your office sit as well as using a mouse and a keyboard for your gaming, then PC gaming is your thing. So go for games that are available on the type of computer that you use. It can be Linux, Windows, or Mac.

On the other hand, if you don't like sitting for several hours at home or on-the-go type, mobile gaming would be ideal. Using your phone to play games means you can enjoy from wherever you are regardless of the time or place. It can be in a riding subway or even a waiting room.

Now that you've finished this guide, you can revisit our list of the best Star Wars games and find the perfect one for you!


Q: What is the bestselling Star Wars Game?

In the video game industry, sales reports are often met with skepticism. The accuracy of sales numbers has been questioned over and over. We must remember to take sales reports with a grain of salt. Nonetheless a trusted source has dictated that the best-selling Star Wars game of all time is Star Wars Battlefront. This information isn’t all that surprising given Star Wars Battlefront is one of the best Star Wars games in existence. Nowadays multiplayer games are often amongst the best-selling games. Yet, this game was released way back in 2004. Thus, it was one of the first games to popularize the online multiplayer feature. The game was originally released on the PS2 and Xbox. As a first or third-person shooter of the Star Wars franchise it had all of the elements for a perfect storm of success.

Q: When did the Star Wars franchise shift to video games?

To clarify, the Star Wars franchise never shifted exclusively to video games. As a multi million dollar movie franchise, the Star Wars video game universe should be viewed as an expansion of the cinematic universe. The first ever Star Wars video game was used as a marketing tactic to promote the now iconic movie of the same name: The Empire Strikes Back. The game is so old that it was developed for the Atari 2600. For those who don’t know, this game was released back in 1982. The most powerful console at the time was none other than the Atari 2600. It is incredible to take a step back and analyze how far the video game industry has come in terms of hardware. The game was a modest side-scrolling shooter. The player would control a snowspeeder as it aimed to take down incoming enemy vehicles.

Q: Which console do I need to play Star Wars games?

Fans of the franchise can breathe a sigh of relief. Thankfully, Star Wars games do not belong to one exclusive console. It wouldn’t make sense for such a massive franchise to limit itself by only being available on one console. The Star Wars franchise would not want to limit its exposure. Thus, players can find the best Star Wars games readily available on most video game manufacturer’s consoles. Throughout the years, Star Wars games have been compatible with Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft consoles. In addition we cannot forget that the PC is an extremely popular method for playing Star Wars games. We’ve also seen a number of developing teams work on the franchise. The willingness to allow various gaming studios access to the franchise is a huge part of its continued success. Each game manages to feel fresh and new.

Q: Why is there controversy surrounding the rumoured Star Wars battle royale?

From a purely conceptual standpoint a Star Wars battle royale game would be an immense global hit. Nowadays battle royale modes are the most popular gaming genre around. This is especially true for casual gamers. With the original and varied amount of weapons, iconic characters, and beautifully designed landscapes, a Star Wars battle royale game has each and every element to succeed. Unfortunately the development team rumoured to be working on the Star Wars battle royale have come under fire recently. Although a battle royale game is mostly free to play, developers Zynga are notorious for their use of in-game micro-transactions. They are the same team who developed FarmVille. As we know micro-transactions have become a taboo in the gaming industry. The pay to win model is heavily frowned upon due to the effect it has had on young gamers. Another red flag is the fact that this game is looking to be a Nintendo Switch exclusive. As previously mentioned console exclusives are a negative thing for Star Wars. It will surely limit the game’s potential.

Q: Do the Star Wars games follow the movie franchise?

Sorry to disappoint those who wish to reenact scenes from the movie franchise but the Star Wars video games do not follow the films. In truth, the games began as a way to market the growing movie franchise. However, the franchise quickly became one of the biggest and best around. Today, they hardly need a video game to increase awareness of upcoming movies. Thus, the games quickly branched out into a unique separate universe. Not all games occur in the same universe. However what makes them fantastic is the fact that they each tell a unique story within the Star Wars universe. The best Star Wars games do not faithfully retell events of the movies. Instead they are inspired by the franchise and choose to tell their own story.

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