Samsung patented a Galaxy Z Flip & Side smartphone with an extendable display

121 30/06/2022

PhonesBy Roland Udvarlaki March 10, 2022, 8:30 am

Samsung, like most other companies, patents hundreds if not thousands of unique ideas each year. Last year, we saw a foldable smartphone with a sliding display unit, and recently, we’ve seen an odd-looking L-shaped foldable, flexible smartphone. A new patent was recently discovered that shows off a multi-folding smartphone, which looks like a Galaxy Z Flip and Slide smartphone.

The new Samsung foldable smartphone patent was discovered by LetsGoDigital, which also demonstrated what the Galaxy Z Flip & Slide device could look like in real life. It appears that Samsung may be considering developing a device that is not only foldable but also extendable. The display, when placed on a flat surface, would provide a long and tall screen area, which could be folded up, similar to the Galaxy Z Flip 3 smartphone.


Samsung Electronics applied for a WIPO (World Intelectual Property Organization) in September 2021, and the 80-page documentation described the device as a “multi-folding electronic apparatus.” (machine translated). The patent appears to provide similar looks and features to the Galaxy Z Flip 3, but the entire panel would also be extendable, providing a much larger surface area.

The middle display would also be foldable, and it could be placed upright to provide a unique look, which could be used to play games with other people or watch videos. It reminds us of the battleship game, where each player has to hide their screen from their opponent, which this device would be excellent to play with due to the form factor.

The fold appears to be very sharp, and it’s interesting to see Samsung play around with such an idea. Samsung announced that it would develop a Flex OLED display with a 1.4R curvature, and it’s possible that the company already has working units with such hinge mechanisms and sharp folding displays.

Samsung patented a Galaxy Z Flip & Side smartphone with an extendable display

What do you think of this unique foldable display? Do you think it could be useful in some cases? Let us know in the comments!

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