Pokémon Fan Creation Baja Blastoise Will Stay Cool All Summer

517 14/07/2021

The latest piece of Pokémon fan art features Blastoise, the Shellfish Pokémon, and one of the more popular flavors of the popular soft drink Mountain Dew. While most fan art features Pokémon in unique situations, doing something they normally wouldn't or can't do in the games, or just depicted in a unique way, this art merges the Pokémon with a known brand. Especially given the current weather conditions in the United States, this seems like an appropriate fan creation.

The Pokémon series initially released in Japan back in 1996 before being released in North America two years later. The games took the world by storm, with many of the original 151 Pokémon becoming household names quickly. Among those was Blastoise, the final evolutionary stage of the starter Pokémon, Squirtle. As Squirtle was one of the first Pokémon that players can get in the very first game of the series, it and its evolutionary stages are certainly the favorites for some players. One fan, playing on a clever pun, has shown off their new spin on the powerful water Pokémon.

Reddit user SarcasticTacos showed off their artwork, cleverly titled "Baja Blastoise," imagines the Shellfish Pokémon if it were sponsored by Mountain Dew. The name is a combination of "Blastoise" and the popular Mountain Dew flavor "Baja Blast." A slightly different hue and a few added details differentiate Baja Blastoise from the normal version Pokémon fans are used to seeing. Instead of its deep blue, Baja Blastoise is shaded in a more greenish aqua color. The water cannons, which normally adorn its back, are now replaced with bottles of Mountain Dew: Baja Blast. Blastoise is also wearing a pair of upside-down sunglasses, in perhaps a nod to the Squirtle Squad that was featured in the Pokémon anime.

Pokémon fan art is certainly nothing new, nor is fan art of beloved creatures like Blastoise. However, this fan art is unique in that it combines both a clever pun on Blastoise's name and also gives Pokémon a unique twist that stays true to the essence of the character. Although this combination likely wouldn't ever happen in the real world, it's not hard to imagine a marketing campaign combining Pokémon with various soft drink flavors.

Given the massive heatwave sweeping across the United States, the timing of this fan art is actually quite fortuitous. Plenty of folks want to chill out with a refreshing soda, and Baja Blast has developed something of a cult following for its flavor and connection to Taco Bell. Others might want to cool down with a trip to the local pool, and the prospect of being sprayed down by one of Blastoise's powerful water cannons might be appealing (even if the force might be lethal) in the heat. Regardless, plenty of Pokémon fans would probably love Baja Blastoise to help them beat the heat.

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