On NFTs, and why Ubisoft hates video games (and you)

103 13/07/2022

First off, what the hell is an NFT anyway? Conceptually, an NFT is a digital asset with authenticity that can be verified in an incorruptible cryptographic code known as the blockchain. NFTs are traded using cryptocurrency, which were envisioned as a way to liberate people from the banking establishment. The utopic (and potentially naive) vision of cryptocurrency is actively being perverted by establishment entities, like Ubisoft, that are seeing it as a way to make even more money than they already do.

On NFTs, and why Ubisoft hates video games (and you)

Ubisoft isn't doing this for YOU as it so boldly claims in its Quartz teaser. Ubisoft envisions a world where it's removed from the discussion of a digital horse armor DLC being sold for tens of thousands of dollars — manufactured scarcity will set the value, and players on modest incomes stand to miss out.

Ubisoft's foray into NFTs is hardly surprising. It noted it was interested in it at a recent financial earnings call, alongside other mega publishers like EA. Many publishers have fallen afoul over taking microtransactions too far, with EA's Battlefront II pay-to-win controversy as an obvious example, but this whole NFT thing could potentially obfuscate similar criticisms in the future — supply and demand become an easy scapegoat if people forget that Ubisoft controls the supply.

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