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53 09/07/2022

Need help with Monark’s psych quizzes?

As you play NIS America’s ego-driven game Monark, you will run into students who will give you a few quick psych tests when you talk to them.

These tests typically involve several multiple test answers, each providing different point amounts for a certain personality trait. Typically, one of those answers will provide the highest number points so you’ll definitely want to pick that in order to build that trait faster. Taking these quizzes will also help you unlock the Test-Taking Titan trophy.

Here is a rundown of the various psych quiz questions by person and the points provided by each answer.

Tensei Matsushima Quizzes (14 questions)

I have personally verified all the questions and answers for Tensei Matsushima’s test, which took a very, very, very long time. Tensei is the first quiz giver to appear in the game and initially shows up on the first floor before moving to a higher floor once you start clearing the mist in the game’s first building.

Tensei Matsushima Test 1

You’re currently at a theater watching a hit play. You turn around and look behind you. How many people are forced to stand in order to watch?

This question is a measure of your cruelty.

Tensei Matsushima Test 2

You’re at a concert when suddenly, you’re pulled up to the stage, handed an instrument and forced to perform. Lo and behold, you manage to play beautifully. What instrument were you given?

This question lets us know what career might suit you.

Tensei Matsushima Test 3

You’re walking along the beach when you find something at your feet. It appears someone dropped it. What did you find?

The answer to this question is indicative of someone you find unforgettable.

Tensei Matsushima Test 4

You’re an extremely capable businessman in a meeting with an important client. You happen to glance at someone at a rival company and notice the rather fashionable tie they’re wearing. What’s the design?

The design you chose indicates your level of self-assertion.

Tensei Matsushima Test 5

You’re at a revolving sushi bar when the dish you want gets taken by the person next to you.

This question determines what you are deeply attached to.

Tensei Matsushima Test 6

You’ve gone back to your childhood days and are playing with bubbles. You happen to make one that’s larger than normal and it goes flying up in the air. How far did it go?

Your answer to this question signifies your ability to accomplish your goals.

Tensei Matsushima Test 7

You or maybe just someone you know ends up running in an election. Right now, they’re getting a large group of supporters. Who is the one running?

Miho Sonobe’s Quizzes (15 questions)

I have not personally verified all of Miho Sonobe’s quizzes so this will be based on this Japanese Monark Strategy Wiki.

Miho Sonobe Test 1

Let’s say you have a significant other. They want to wear an animal costume. What animal do you think they should be?

Miho Sonobe Test 2

You end up on one of those scenic flight tours, seeing the sights of Mother Nature from up in a helicopter.

Miho Sonobe Test 3

You end up going on an adventure to the undeveloped wilderness. Before you can set foot there, you are only allowed one piece of modern technology. What do you bring?

Miho Sonobe Test 4

When you’re buying something, what do you base your decisions on?

Miho Sonobe Test 5

You’re thinking about going on a holiday trip. Where do you decide to go?

Miho Sonobe Test 6

When you go out for karaoke with friends, what type of songs do you sing?

Miho Sonobe Test 7

Monark Psych Tests: Questions, Answers and Points Received - Technobubble Gaming

If you could pick the dream you have tonight, what would you want to be doing?

Miho Sonobe Test 8

Picture a person who’s on your mind right now. If you got a chance to talk with them, one on one, which seat would you sit in?

Miho Sonobe Test 9

You've eaten your fill of a delicious meal, together with your significant other. Just then, your absolute favorite dessert arrives. What do you do?

Miho Sonobe Test 10

Your significant other suggests going on a trip over a considerably long holiday. What kind of plan would you propose?

Miho Sonobe Test 11

The electricity goes out in your room without warning. What do you do?

Miho Sonobe Test 12

Your significant other is on the other side of a lofty mountain. How do you make your way to them?

Miho Sonobe Test 13

You mess up an assigned task at your part-time job. How would you prefer to be reprimanded?

Miho Sonobe Test 14

A police officer on a bike is rushing toward your direction. What do you think happened?

Miho Sonobe Test 15

You’re staying at a hotel with a spectacular view. Which room do you choose to stay in?

Nobutaka Iyama Quizzes (14 questions)

Nobutaka Iyama Test 1

You're walking through a dream world with no one else in sight. Suddenly, a young girl holding a stuffed animal appears before your very eyes. What animal is she holding?

You're looking at a photo from the time you went to an amusement park. Coincidentally, someone else is in that photo too. Who is it?

Nobutaka Iyama Test 2

You’re looking at a photo from the time you went to an amusement park. Coincidentally, someone else is in that photo too. Who is it?

Nobutaka Iyama Test 3

You’re browsing the internet when, suddenly, someone’s body parts show up on your screen. What was it that you saw?

Nobutaka Iyama Test 4

You bump into a young boy holding a 100 yen coin at a festival. He was having trouble deciding how to use it, but has finally made up his mind. What does he spend it on?

Nobutaka Iyama Test 5

You’re currently on the phone. What is your free hand doing?

Nobutaka Iyama Test 6

You go into a cafe by yourself. Where do you sit?

Nobutaka Iyama Test 7

When meeting someone for the first time, what do you look at first?

Nobutaka Iyama Test 8

You go to the zoo. There, you are allowed to feed one animal of your choice. Which animal do you decide to feed?

Nobutaka Iyama Test 9

You’re walking down the street when you come across someone collapsed upon the ground. You're the only one around. What do you do?

Nobutaka Iyama Test 10

If you were to put a tail on the bird in the picture, which tail would you choose?

Nobutaka Iyama Test 11

As you’re walking, the road splits into five forks. How do you choose which path to take?

Nobutaka Iyama Test 12

Which of these unintentional habits do you experience most frequently?

Nobutaka Iyama Test 13

A cat and mouse meet in a sudden encounter. What do you think happens to the mouse?

Nobutaka Iyama Test 14

If you had a rocket ship all to yourself, what would you do with it?

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