Major New Gameplay Features Coming To Madden 23

48 07/06/2022

Madden 23 is well in development, and SGO has learned of some major new gameplay features fans can expect with the next installment of the game from EA Sports.

Everything is currently being tested within the company and still is in development. That said, these changes will see major overhauls to the game’s tackling and passing systems.

Madden 23 Gameplay Features

Hit Everything

The first new system is known as “Hit Everything”.

This system, according to EA Sports, will see the game take a step back from “animation driven gameplay”. The Hit Everything system will see players have more “organic and consistent tackling results when trying to hit players around the field”. Players will use the Hit Stick to trigger “physics driven animations that reward who you are as a tackler and how much impact you brought to a pile.

Tackle Battles

What appears to be a new minigame within the game, Tackle Battles happen when a user attempts to perform a Conservative Tackle with A/X. This minigame will see users mash the A/X button to either make the tackle or break a tackle. During a Tackle Battle, the ball carrier will be more susceptible to fumbles depending on various attributes. Players will be required to use various mechanics like protecting the ball and give-up to avoid the various hit stick and strip attempts from defenders.

Skill-Based Passing

The biggest overhaul coming in terms of gameplay based on the information so far is to the passing game in Madden 23. Madden 23 gameplay will feature a brand new skill-based passing system that will allow players to have more control over the placement, power, and/or accuracy of their passes.

In addition to being able to toggle the system on and off — you know, like the old passing cone from years back — the skill-based passing feature will include a number of various options that can be individually set.

The full list of options available will be:

Accuracy Enabled = ON

Major New Gameplay Features Coming To Madden 23

Enabling the Accuracy Meter allows control over the outcome of the pass being accurate or inaccurate. Land the meter in the light green area for a perfect pass every time. Wait too long to release the button and you will throw an inaccurate pass.

Strength Enabled = ON

The Strength Meter appears only when the Accuracy Meter is turned off. The Strength Meter lets you visually see how much power you are putting on the pass, by filling-up the green semi-circles depending on how long you hold the pass button. This can be used to control the arc of the ball.

Short-duration hold = a higher arc, loftier pass

Medium-duration hold = a moderate arc, touch-pass

Long-duration hold = a straight-line, bullet pass

Precision Pass Ellipse (with Reticle)

Ellipse (with Reticle) Enabled = ON

displays a grey target area indicating the area of the field the receivers are able to reach the ball. You can steer the placement of the ball by moving the Reticle within the target area using the L-Stick

Grid-Snapping = ON

The reticle will snap to predetermined areas of the ellipse (target area grey circle) based on your L-stick inputs.

Free-Form Reticle

Holding RT while passing the ball unleashes free form precision passing. This allows you to place the ball anywhere inside or outside the grey target area. This extra level of control is intended to be high risk/high reward. With free-form reticle, you can place the ball anywhere you like, but your receiver may not be able to get to the ball.

Reticle Speed slider:

Reticle Speed controls how fast the reticle moves in free form mode.

Slowdown Effect:

Lastly, Slowdown is an option that allows you to slow down the game at the moment you execute a pass, allowing users more time to aim the pass set strength/accuracy meters. The lower the number, the more the game is slowed-down when making a pass.

Examples of the slowdown effect are:

Madden 23 is expected to launch this August for console and PC. Stay tuned for more on Madden 23 gameplay and more from SGO.

What are your thoughts on the new features coming to Madden 23? Let us know in the comment section below, and take the conversation further at the official SGO Discord Server.

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