Keep Your Kids From These Awful Cartoons, Says Wisconsin Police

102 30/05/2022

This is not the first time something like this has happened. Back in 2018, there were faux-Peppa Pig videos that slipped through YouTube Kids' content filter.

The videos were as uncomfortable as those mascot costumes pictured above. Some of the cartoons depicted characters stabbing another, cutting off others' heads, and more. Understandably so, some children were frightened by the videos.

MoMo Challenge

Another form of frightening content was the "MoMo Challenge." This primarily involved WhatsApp where kids were "challenged" to add and contact"Momo". Whoever ran the MoMo account would then send messaging encouraging acts of violence and even suicide. The account would also send frightening images.

Oddly enough, the #TidePod challenge occurred in 2018 too.

Keep Your Kids From These Awful Cartoons, Says Wisconsin Police

This week, police in Wisconsin sent out a lengthy warning to parents of young children. Like those fake Peppa Pig videos, a news series of graphic cartoons are out there with a new character. It comes from the game Poppy Playtime. Its name is “Huggy Wuggy.”

According to the warning from the Lafayette County Sheriff's Office, the game was originally released with a rating of 8+, not 12+ like it is now. Based on the description, this is a "thriller" survival game much like Five Nights At Freddy's, which can be scary for younger children.

Here's The Problem

In some of these videos Huggy Wiggy is doing graphic and violent things to other cartoon characters.
You may think it's laughable but a child being frightened by something like this can have a lasting effect. There's a slight chance you are a child psychologist and if you're not you probably don't know the ins and outs of a little one's brain.

Here's one that isn't graphic in comparison to other animations circling YouTube.

Here's the warning issued in Wisconsin.

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