Kansas State Athletics Bill Snyder Family Stadium A-Z

69 24/05/2022

Football Game Day

Kansas State Athletics Bill Snyder Family Stadium A-Z


Seating for guests with disabilities are sold on a reserved-season and reserved-game basis. Accessible seating is located in Sections 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 13, 15, 17, 20, 22, 26, 28, 29, 420, 422, 423, 425, 427, 428, 430 and the North End Zone. If available, accessible seating may be purchased in advance through the Athletics Ticket Office. Guests holding a regular ticket who wish to sit in an accessible section due to a temporary injury may exchange their ticket for an accessible ticket, if available, at East Fan Accommodations. Guests seated in Sections 420-430 will need to obtain an east elevator pass at East Fan Accommodations.


Policies pertaining to alcohol are in place so that all guests can enjoy the event in a safe and comfortable environment.


ATM machines are located on the west concourse by the K-State Super Store near Gate B and behind section 22 on the east side of Bill Snyder Family Stadium.


Guests will be able to carry the following style and size bag, package or container into the venue:Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: purses larger than a clutch bag, coolers, briefcases, backpacks, fanny packs, cinch bags that are not clear, diaper bags, non-approved seat cushions and chairbacks,* luggage of any kind, computer bags and camera bags or any bag larger than the permissible size.


Banners and pep signs are allowed provided they are hand-held of reasonable size, can be stored beneath the seat and do not block the view of other patrons. Any banner or sign containing profanity or objectionable material will be confiscated.


It is permissible for guests to bring into Bill Snyder Family Stadium bottled water, flavored water and sports drinks, provided they are in a clear plastic commercial container no larger than 1 liter that has not been opened or is empty of its contents. Frozen bottles are prohibited. It is impermissible to bring in any other type of beverage into the stadium. Plastic baby bottles are permitted into the stadium if the infant is with the guest but are subject to inspection by security upon entering. (For additional information, see Containers and Coolers).


Captioning of videoboard content, public address and officials announcements is provided on the digital board atop the Vanier Football Complex. Assisted listening devices are also available for check-out at West Fan Accommodations. Fans who do not have visibility to the captioning board may request relocation at the K-State Ticket Office or on game day at East Fan Accommodations.


The concession stands located on the concourse of Bill Snyder Family Stadium are available when stadium gates open two (2) hours prior to kickoff. No other food may be brought into the stadium.


In keeping with K-State’s pledge of the Best Fan Experience in the Big 12, fans are encouraged to treat visitors, players, coaches and officials with courtesy and respect. Abusive language or disorderly conduct is unacceptable and unwelcome in Bill Snyder Family Stadium and may result in ejection. Anyone who interferes with the game by coming onto the field or by throwing objects will be ejected and possibly arrested. K-State Athletics reserve the right to eject any patron whose behavior is against policy, unruly or illegal in nature. Event tickets will be forfeited without refund. Revocation of season tickets or arrest is possible.


Cans, glass, bottles, ice chests, coolers, picnic baskets and insulated beverage containers are prohibited in Bill Snyder Family Stadium. (For additional information, see Bottle/Cans).


K-State Athletics is a proud partner of the Drive To Zero Coalition and reminds you that impaired drivers are involved in one-third of all Kansas traffic deaths. Please do your part to prevent crashes caused by drunk driving. A DUI can cost thousands of dollars, jail time, and losing your license. But a life lost to drunk driving is an unacceptable price to pay. Driving to or from the game designate a sober driver. A reminder from the Drive to Zero Coalition. In Kansas, You Drink, You Drive, YOU LOSE. More information on impaired driving or road conditions.


Drones, model aircraft or any other remote-controlled flying objects are not permitted or allowed to be operated inside Bill Snyder Family Stadium or the surrounding parking lots.


Guests with View Level tickets requiring access to the east-side elevators may acquire game-day elevator passes from East Fan Accommodations. Season passes may be acquired by calling the Athletics Operations Office at 785-532-7495. Peoples State Bank East Club or East Suite ticket holders may use the east side elevators to access their seats.West Stadium Center Club or Loge ticket holders may use the north elevators to access their seats.West Stadium Center suite-holders may use the south elevators.Shamrock Zone Club, Loge and Suite holders may use the elevators on either the east of west sides of the facility to access their seats.



One of the core goals of K-State Athletics is to provide the best fan experience in the Big 12 while making every effort to provide a safe environment for those attending games at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. It is important that fans take time to review the emergency procedures established by K-State Athletics and create their own personal emergency plan in the event an emergency situation should occur. You are responsible for your own safety and using good judgment to assess risks and taking the appropriate actions.


Guests may exit Bill Snyder Family Stadium and return to their cars or tailgates by having their ticket electronically scanned “out” at any gate. Failure to have a ticket properly scanned “out” will result in an invalid ticket and denial of admission upon attempt to re-enter the stadium. Re-entry into the stadium is limited to Gates D and M after the conclusion of the third quarter.Fans are reminded that any items they bring into the stadium upon re-entry are subject to search. (See Bags and Bag Search for additional information).


In accordance with University policy, it is required that face coverings be worn in all inside spaces of Bill Snyder Family Stadium, regardless of vaccination status, unless actively eating or drinking. In all outdoor spaces, face coverings are not required and are at the discretion of each patron.


Questions regarding security, lost children, lost and found, etc., should be directed to Fan Accommodations personnel located on the east side in the ticket booth between Gates R and S, and on the west side at the office between Gates C and D.


Medical services are available at the First Aid stations on the west concourse between Gates A and B, and on the east side near Gate M. In case of emergency, please contact an Event Staff member or police officer. Guests with pre-existing medical conditions or special needs are encouraged to check in at First Aid and inform the attendants of their seating locations.


Gates open two (2) hours prior to kickoff. Due to security screening required to comply with Kansas state law, fans are encouraged to enter the stadium as early as possible.All persons ages 2 and older must present a ticket to enter Bill Snyder Family Stadium.


Guests wishing to report an incident or needing assistance may text their request by entering the word catfan followed by their message and seat location to 83200. The request will be directed to the stadium dispatcher who will direct the appropriate response and action to resolve the issue.


Parents should report a missing child to Event Staff personnel or a police officer. Lost children will be escorted to the nearest Fan Accommodations booth on either the east or west sides of Bill Snyder Family Stadium.


Officially licensed K-State merchandise is available for purchase at the K-State Super Store locations on the east and west sides of the stadium, which open from outside the stadium 5 hours prior to kickoff. Once stadium gates open 2 hours before kickoff, access into the stores is restricted to the entrances on the stadium concourse.

No other merchandise may be sold on the grounds of the K-State Sports Complex. Guests approached by someone selling merchandise are asked to report the person and location to a parking attendant, event staff or police.


Metal detectors are in use at all public gates at Bill Snyder Family Stadium.To comply with Kansas state law to prohibit the concealed carrying of weapons into the stadium, increased security measures have been implemented.Fans are encouraged to enter the stadium as early as possible to avoid delays.


Nursing mothers’ rooms are available on the west concourse between Gates A and B near the women’s restroom and on the south concourse near the women’s restroom. Breast pumps and supplies are permitted in Bill Snyder Family Stadium, as long as they are carried in a dedicated bag specifically for the pump, which will be searched and tagged as a medical bag, or in a clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC bag measuring 12” x 6” x 12” or less. The bag, pump and supplies are subject to inspection.


Stadium parking lots open five (5) hours prior to kickoff. Parking in both the east and west stadium lots is reserved for members of the Ahearn Fund and requires a permit for entry, which must be displayed at all times.


Cameras are permitted in Bill Snyder Family Stadium for personal use only. Any commercial photography (large-lens with a stand or tripod) is prohibited. Video cameras are prohibited. In no instance should anyone taking photographs block aisleways and/or seating areas or otherwise interfere with another fan’s enjoyment of the game.


Admission to stadium suites, loge boxes and club levels is restricted to those with suite tickets, loge tickets, club tickets or suite guest passes. For more information, contact the Ahearn Fund Office at 785-532-7715.


Souvenir game programs can be purchased at various locations on the concourse inside Bill Snyder Family Stadium.



Individuals will be paged over the public address system only in cases of emergency. Please direct any inquiries or questions to the nearest Fan Accommodations booth on either the east or west sides of Bill Snyder Family Stadium.


Designated stadium restrooms are open from the parking lot side five (5) hours prior to kickoff. They close 30 minutes prior to the opening of stadium gates and reopen inside the stadium when gates open two (2) hours prior to kickoff.In addition, restrooms are available on the Bramlage Coliseum concourse five (5) hours prior to kickoff.All stadium restrooms have changing stations.


K-State Athletics has designated rideshare pickup/dropoff zones for commercial services such as Uber, Lyft, taxis and limousines, on each side of Bill Snyder Family Stadium. These zones are marked by flags in the Gate 3 drive lane of the West lot and in the center (east/west) drive lane of the East lot. Rideshare service drivers may drop off their fares in these zones pregame, then exit the parking lot. At the end of the third quarter, rideshare service drivers may begin staging at these locations to pick up fares postgame. Once stadium traffic has begun exiting the lots until approximately 45 minutes following the game, rideshare providers will not be allowed into the parking lots. After this time, drivers may resume accepting requests for fares. Fans using rideshare services are reminded of the K-State Clear Bag Policy.


Strollers are permitted in Bill Snyder Family Stadium.Strollers must be collapsible and fit under seating areas or left at owner’s risk in the back of a handicap bunker pending available space (large strollers may be checked in at the Legends Room of Bramlage Coliseum).


Kansas State University policy prohibits the smoking of cigarettes, cigars, pipes or burning tobacco in any other form or device, as well as the use of electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, hookah or other water pipe devices and all other related devices on university property, except inside personal vehicles.


University policy prohibits solicitation of any unauthorized item for sale, trade or giveaway on the grounds of the K-State Sports Complex. This includes solicitation of charitable donations and game or event tickets. Violators of this policy will be asked to leave the stadium grounds and may be cited for trespassing.


Tailgating is a traditional part of K-State game-day activities. Guests are asked to comply with the following guidelines:


General Information: All persons ages 2 and older must present a ticket to enter Bill Snyder Family Stadium. Tickets may be purchased at the West Stadium Center ticket office at Gate B or at the east ticket booth located between Gates R and S. The west ticket office opens three (3) hours prior to kickoff. The east-side ticket booth opens two (2) hours prior to kickoff. Patrons assume all risks for tickets purchased through sources other than the K-State Athletics Ticket Office. Patrons are required to purchase sufficient space (i.e., additional tickets in advance) for their bodies or facility personnel have the right to relocate patron to another area of the stadium.
Will Call: Pre-purchased general public tickets may be picked up at the West Stadium Center ticket office beginning three (3) hours prior to kickoff. Only the person whose name is on the ticket order may pick up the tickets. A photo ID is required for all will-call orders.
Player-Guests: The will-call windows for player-guest tickets for K-State are located at the east-side ticket booth. Visiting team player-guest tickets are available at the ticket booth located between Gates C and D on the west side. Ticket windows open two (2) hours prior to kickoff. Each person for whom an admission ticket has been left must be present a photo ID to receive a ticket. Once they receive their ticket, guests are required to enter the stadium immediately.
Lost/Misplaced Tickets: For lost or misplaced season tickets, the Athletics Ticket Office may re-issue tickets to the ticket-holder of record only. A service fee is charged for each replacement ticket. For season tickets that have been lost in the mail or stolen, contact the Athletics Ticket Office at 1-800-221-CATS for replacement information.


For the safety and consideration of all guests, umbrellas are prohibited in Bill Snyder Family Stadium. Umbrellas will not be checked and are the responsibility of the owner if left at the gates. Guests should bring appropriate rain gear in case of inclement weather.


Water fountains are located throughout the concourses of Bill Snyder Family Stadium on the concourse behind sections 2, 8, 23, 25, 422, 428, NEZ and south concourse.For warm weather games water refill tanks are placed near each corner of the seating bowl and at each end of the View Level.

Game Day at K-State

Parking lot gates open five (5) hours before kickoff, while stadium gates open two (2) hours prior to kickoff. All persons ages 2 and older must present a ticket to enter Bill Snyder Family Stadium.

Text for Assistance

Guests wishing to report an incident or needing assistance may text their request by entering the word catfan followed by their message and seat location to 83200. The request will be directed to the stadium dispatcher to resolve the issue. Message and data rates may apply.
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