Invesco QQQ Launches Digital Game "How Not to Suck at Money," the official financial education program of the NCAA®

108 12/06/2022

"Education is a primary focus for the NCAA and we are excited to partner with Invesco QQQ to help student-athletes make confident decisions about money," said Ellen Lucey, director of NCAA championship engagement. "Invesco QQQ's How Not to Suck at Money program provides NCAA student-athletes with a resource that will help them make wise financial decisions during their college years, while also helping them understand how those decisions can be impactful later in life."

Invesco QQQ recruited current and former student-athletes and student-athlete advocates to a board of advisors to consult on and advocate for the game based on their financial experiences in college. Members include former collegiate and professional basketball player, current professional basketball executive and Turner Sports analyst Grant Hill, former collegiate and professional basketball player and current professional basketball executive Swin Cash, finance professor Jonathan Clarke, collegiate football player Nick Juran, former collegiate football player and current financial service analyst Justin Lawson, former collegiate softball player and current baseball analyst Jessica Mendoza, financial services executive Sandra Richards, former collegiate and current professional soccer player Amy Rodriguez Shilling, and former collegiate and current professional football player Jaylon Smith.

"I'm excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with Invesco QQQ on this unique financial education program that meets the real-life needs of students with different socioeconomic backgrounds," said Grant Hill. "You don't have to wait until you have money to learn how to spend, save, and invest smart, and we hope How Not to Suck at Money will motivate students to take control of their financial futures."

To develop How Not to Suck at Money's visual style, tone, and content, Invesco QQQ worked with Spanish illustrator and artist Jose Mendez and Invesco Global Market Strategist Brian Levitt. Mendez has collaborated with top brands, including Facebook, Apple, and Converse, and Levitt has decades of experience talking to advisors on how to help clients successfully prepare for their financial futures.

The game was researched with over 1,500 college students to ensure the experience and topics resonated with them, including budgeting, banking, credit cards, student loans, investing, moving out, and starting a new job. How Not to Suck at Money is accessible to all college students.

The total experience is approximately 90-minutes, and students can play at their own pace in 10-minute intervals. Upon completion, students will receive a playbook and a LinkedIn certificate to showcase on their profile. How Not to Suck at Money is available to play today for no cost at

 Invesco QQQ Launches Digital Game

To learn more about Invesco QQQ's How Not to Suck at Money, visit at For more information on the Invesco and Invesco QQQ NCAA® partnership, visit

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About Invesco QQQ
Invesco QQQ is an exchange-traded fund distributed by Invesco Distributors, Inc. and is the sponsor of How Not to Suck at Money. This should not be construed as an offer to buy or sell any financial instruments or products.

Invesco Distributors, Inc. is the US distributor for Invesco's retail products. It is an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Invesco Ltd.

Invesco is not affiliated with the NCAA, Grant Hill, Swin Cash, Jonathan Clarke, Nick Juran, Justin Lawson, Jessica Mendoza, Sandra Richards, Amy Rodriguez Shilling, Jaylon Smith, or Jose Mendez.

About the NCAA®
The NCAA is a diverse association of more than 1,100 member colleges and universities that prioritize academics, well-being and fairness to create greater opportunities for nearly half a million student-athletes each year. The NCAA provides a pathway to higher education and beyond for student-athletes pursuing academic goals and competing in NCAA sports. More than 54,000 student-athletes experience the pinnacle of intercollegiate athletics by competing in NCAA championships each year. Visit and for more details about the Association and the corporate partnerships that support the NCAA and its student-athletes.

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