Fishing: North Atlantic Casts Out Onto PS4 & Xbox One Starting Today

1062 01/07/2021

Fishing-focused adventure Fishing: North Atlantic has officially set sail for consoles, launching across the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms today, June 30. Indie developer Misc Games originally released the title in October 2020 for PC via Steam, offering players an opportunity to explore various types of fishing styles.

Starting today, PS4 and Xbox One players can experience the open sea thrills of Fishing: North Atlantic for $39.99. A follow-up to Fishing: Barents Sea, Fishing: North Atlantic places players in the role of a captain in Nova Scotia who must lead a crew of anglers. Users won't exclusively catch and manage the crab, fish, and crustaceans brought aboard, the fishing simulation also requires players to monitor GPS and sonar, command a crew, navigate stormy weather, and more. Misc Games rendered the world in stunning detail, too, from the true-to-life recreation of Nova Scotia to the 27 optional ships and licensed equipment. The studio additionally went to great lengths to convey the demands of being a commercial fisherman, which include utilizing a variety of fishing techniques such as deeplining and harpooning.

Since fishing has become such a popular mini-game in a wide range of other titles, fans of the sport may find an interest in a full simulation with much deeper mechanics. And Fishing: North Atlantic seems as though it offers just that and more in spades.

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