Farmville and GTA Collaborate on Millionaire Business | Video Games

101 13/07/2022

Video game conglomerate Take-Two, which owns the companies responsible for such successes as civilization e Auto Theft Grant (GTA), wants to become the owner of the studio behind farmville, the game that promoted virtual farmer and chicken notifications on Facebook.Earlier this week, the US giant announced its intention to buy mobile game developer Zynga for $12.7 billion (more than €11 billion).It’s more than Disney Lucasfilm Paid, in 2012, to acquire the rights to the Star Wars space saga.

“This strategic combination brings together the best of our best. Privileges [de videojogos] Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said in a brief statement. The Federation should also facilitate the games “cross-platform”, appearance Where people can play different series or parts of a series on multiple platforms.For example, start a game On the console at home and carry on the phone during the day.

Zelnick did not provide further details, but in an interview with US television station CNBC, the Zynga leader indicated that the purchase should be completed in the middle of 2022 and that Take-Two’s interest in Zynga goes further farmville.The CEO noted that one of the great advantages of the purchase is getting data on interests and ways of playing from the millions of Zynga users each month.

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Millions of data

Zynga says it has more than 183 million monthly users who access its various apps apps Per month.In addition to original titles such as Farmville and CityVille, in the past four years, the company has become a mobile gaming giant by purchasing several video game producers such as Gram Games (creator of Merge the dragon!( ea small giant games )Empires and puzzles).In 2021, Zynga became the owner of the Chartboost platform that helps video game creators monetize mobile apps and connect advertisers with catalogs of apps Where they can display ads.

Mobile gaming is becoming an increasingly lucrative market.The pandemic has negatively affected revenue for PC and console games which, compared to mobile games, tend to rely on larger teams and higher production values.This has been exacerbated by the global shortage of semiconductors (Chips).According to July data from a video game analyst NewZooIndeed, the console game market fell by 8.9% in 2021 and the PC game market by 2.8% to €42 billion and €31.3 billion, respectively.Mobile gaming was less affected, with the sector increasing by 4.4% in 2021 to more than 79 billion euros.

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Farmville and GTA Collaborate on Millionaire Business | Video Games

The Zynga team sees Take-Two’s interest as recognition of the potential of mobile gaming.“The value of it [a Zynga] Born through social gaming, which not many people understand, but millions appreciate and love, has been seen — and seen by a major game publisher,” David Gray, executive producer at Zynga, wrote in Articles Company official.

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