Family tech talk: 20 questions for you and your kids

38 10/07/2022

Technology is now a part of the childhood experience for most kids. So it’s important to equip them with the basic skills they’ll need to make it a positive one by having the family tech talk. As a parent, futurist and bestselling author of books like “Parenting High-Tech Kids,” I often remind families that this process isn’t solely about setting limits on screen time and devices. Rather, caregivers should also make a point to have ongoing discussions with kids about online safety and digital citizenship—and to make subjects like social networking and high-tech etiquette regular subjects of the tech talk.

Family tech talk: 20 questions for you and your kids

As you think about how to have conversations with your kids about the many ways technology permeates their lives, it pays to look at the topic from several angles. For example: What high-tech gadgets and devices will be allowed? What forms of content and communications are appropriate? And what general rules should kids be following as they go about using these solutions in your home?

Following, you’ll find 20 questions that can help shape the family tech talk —and help you promote healthy tech habits and good decision-making from childhood into young adulthood.

As you can see, discussions surrounding the use of technology in the home can be quite extensive and span many subjects. Because this is a long list of questions and conversations, it may help to remember that it’s not intended to happen in one sitting. It’s part of an ongoing tech talk that can reflect your family’s values and beliefs. After all, engaging in open and honest dialogue with kids about the types of content or exchanges that they may encounter online won’t just help you build greater trust and empathy in your household. It’ll also help you foster meaningful discussion and create a positive and uplifting home environment in which any questions and concerns that kids have can be proactively and productively addressed.

Shared responsibility also means a little peace of mind for you, and freedom for them. Find that balance with Smart Family.

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