Dyscalculia: Know the Signs

40 24/07/2022

Dyscalculia is a diagnosis used to describe learning difficulties related to math concepts.

It’s sometimes called “numbers dyslexia,” which is a bit misleading. Dyslexia refers to difficulty reading and writing, while dyscalculia is specifically related to mathematics.

Dyscalculia: Know the Signs

At least one study estimates that 3 to 7 percent of adults and children have dyscalculia, based on data collected from German primary school-aged students.

Dyscalculia goes beyond having a hard time understanding math. It’s bigger than making mistakes when you add numbers or reversing digits when you write something down.

If you have dyscalculia, it’s difficult to understand the wider concepts that govern the rules of math, like whether one amount is greater than another or how algebra works.

This article will cover the dyscalculia diagnosis process, as well as symptoms, causes, and treatment.

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