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103 06/08/2022

The Holiday Season is upon us, and we're all looking for the best way to show our loved ones how much they mean to us. If that special someone in your life likes to play chess, then we're about to make your job much easier! Here's a list of the best gifts to give that extra bit of joy to your friends and family.

Chess Essentials

There are some items that every chess player just needs to own. From chessboards to chess bags, here are some chess essentials that every player will enjoy having! And don't forget: during the 2021 FIDE World Chess Championship (until December 16) you can use the "" coupon on all the items from the House of Staunton store to get a 15% discount.

Basic Chess Set And Board

Price: $16.95

Every chess player loves the feeling of moving real chess pieces around a physical board. Some say that they even learn better when studying with physical pieces. That's why you can't go wrong with a basic chess set and board—they're inexpensive and yet effective!

Chess Clock

Price: $49.95

Owning a basic chess board and set is a great start, but a chess clock is a must-have if you want to play the game properly. The DGT North American Digital Chess Clock will take care of all chess players' clock needs, making it another great gift option!

Carrying Case

Price: $11.95

What if the person you're gifting already has a board, pieces, and a clock? Then, they'll probably need a good way to carry all that gear around. That's where the carrying case comes in handy!

Silicone Board

Price: $13.95

If you'd prefer something a little more sturdy than a basic vinyl chessboard, you may want to go with the silicone board. This option is perfect if the person you're gifting would like to carry their chessboard around. Unlike the vinyl board, the silicone version doesn't crease—making the play experience much better.


Price: $5.95

If the person you're gifting likes playing in tournaments, they'll probably need scoresheets to record their games. Instead of letting them carry around hundreds of sheets of paper, why not give them a scoresheet notebook so they're always neatly organized?

Chess Books

Chess books are one of the best ways for chess players to improve. If you want to make a chess lover happy, gifting them a book is undoubtedly a fantastic idea! The books below are all in's Top 10 Chess Books list, so there's no doubt they're all great presents.

How To Reassess Your Chess by IM Jeremy Silman

Price: $29.95

One of the best books on chess strategy out there, IM Jeremy Silman's How To Reassess Your Chess is a solid gift option. If you know an intermediate player who wants to take their chess to the next level, this book is just what they need!

My 60 Memorable Games by GM Bobby Fischer

Price: $22.95

My 60 Memorable Games is a classic book featuring 60 fabulous games played by GM Bobby Fischer, one of the best players in history. This book will teach the reader invaluable chess concepts and amaze them with beautiful and inspiring games!

My Great Predecessors by GM Garry Kasparov

Price: $36.95 (Part I)

My Great Predecessors is a book series by arguably the best player in history, GM Garry Kasparov. The former world champion analyzes the games of world champions that came before him. The whole series is packed with insights from the mind of a chess genius—and part of any serious chess players' library.

The Life And Games Of Mikhail Tal by GM Mikhail Tal

Price: $29.95

Possibly the most entertaining and interesting chess player who ever lived, GM Mikhail Tal is also among the best players in history. His autobiography The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal combines witty reminisces with countless powerfully-annotated games, and is another classic that every chess player should read.

Gifts For The Big Spenders

If you're feeling generous this holiday season and want to spend big bucks to make others happy, this is the section for you. Below is a list of great chess gifts for big spenders looking to end the year with a bang!

Chess Table

Price: $695.00's Holiday Gift Buying Guide

Do you know a chess player who also wants to refurbish the house? What else could you give them but a chess table from the House of Staunton? With a built-in board and drawers to keep the pieces, this is a good option if you don't mind spending the few extra hundred dollars.

The DGT Projects Electronic Chess Board

Price: $899.00

This electronic chessboard comes with a USB connection and an exquisite wood finish. With this chessboard, players can use their computer as an extension of their physical board. Analyzing, broadcasting, and saving their games are only a few options this board gives players.

Art Chess "Golden Leaves" by Francesco Jacobello

Price: $13,000.00

Is it a chessboard? Is it art? One thing for sure—it is expensive. If you're feeling adventurous with your money and know someone who loves chess and art, you won't find a better gift!

Pearl Royale Chess Set By Colin Burn

Price: $4,000,000.00

Ok, we realize the price on this one might be a little steep. You'd have to be extraordinarily generous and wildly wealthy to buy this as a gift for someone else. Even though it's unlikely someone will give this away, it's still worth it to spare a minute of your day to enjoy the beauty of this shiny chess set.

Chess Apparel

What about putting a fun chess twist to the traditional end-of-year sweater gift? If that sounds like a good plan, look no further than this section!

Oh No! My Queen! T-Shirt

Price: $22.95

IM Eric Rosen's "Oh no! My queen!" t-shirts are a great gift for chess players who hang their queens—either intentionally or not.

Hikaru Fallkaru Hoodie

Price: $40.00

A Fall Guys version of the biggest chess streamer on Twitch? It may sound too good (or funny) to be true, but we assure you it's real.

Chessbrah Signature Joggers Black

Price: $50.00

Chessbrah's slick signature joggers are another great option that will give your chess-loving close one looking sharp.

World Hess Hampionship Gear

If you're familiar with the chess world, you know that the 2021 FIDE World Chess Championship is currently going on. To celebrate this important event, we have some new merch available. Here is the new "World Hess Hampionship" line, which can be found at This topical gift gives you the opportunity to watch the world championship in style!

Fun Miscellaneous Chess Gifts

Are you looking for fun chess gifts? We've got you covered! Below you can find miscellaneous fun gifts that will help you show your chess lover close one how much you care about them!

Jurassic Park-Themed Chess Set

Price: $49.00

For boys and girls, they are cool, giant lizards. For parents, the warm nostalgia of one of the most successful movie franchises of the 1990s. This beautiful Jurassic Park-themed chess set is the perfect gift for bringing two generations together and making chess games even more fun!

London Skyline Chess Set

Price: $169.98

If the Jurassic Park chess set didn't tickle your fancy and you're looking for something classier, maybe this London Skyline set is what you need. Featuring five memorable landmarks such as the London Eye and the Big Ben, this set is perfect for those who love chess, architecture, or the English capital!

Wobble Chess Set

Price: $340.00

If a chess set does sound like a good idea, but you'd like something with even more class, look no further than the Wobble Chess Set. The award-winning modern design of this chess set makes it the perfect gift for chess lovers or those who want a stylish centerpiece to liven up their house. Take a moment to marvel at the mesmerizing wobble of the pieces, and you'll have no doubt this is the supreme holiday gift everyone would love to receive!

Chess Dad And Chess Mom Mugs

Price: $12.95

Whether it's coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, chess dads and chess moms will certainly be happier after enjoying a warm beverage in one of these lovely chess mugs.

Digital Gifts

Doing your holiday shopping without ever leaving the comfort of your home? No, it's not a dream—for those who choose to give their loved ones a digital gift, this is what the holiday seasons feel like!

Premium Membership

It's no secret that chess players love to play and learn about chess. So what could be better than gifting a premium membership to the number one chess site in the world? With the best and smoothest playing experience, access to virtually infinite learning tools, and the richest and freshest chess content in the world, you can't go wrong gifting a premium membership!

Premium ChessKid Membership

Are you looking to introduce a kid to a healthy and valuable pastime? Or maybe the kid you want to gift already loves chess, and you want to fuel their passion? With a safe environment, chess lessons tailored for kids, and a lot of fun content, a premium ChessKid membership will keep your loved ones engaged and excited about the royal game.

What's best, this gift comes with a bonus! ChessKid members can enjoy the Chess Adventure for Kids app. The app lets kids play in a fantasy chess world with customizable characters, numerous bosses, and educational quests! Check out ChessKid's gold membership here and the Chess Adventure for Kids app at the App Store or Google Play.

Dr. Wolf Membership

If the person you're gifting already plays chess but wants to improve, you can present them with their own virtual coach! Dr. Wolf is a virtual coach that gives personalized explanations on strategic and tactical concepts as players play games. This makes a premium Dr. Wolf membership the perfect gift for beginner and intermediate chess players!

What is your favorite chess gift from the list above? Is there a chess gift that you hope to receive that isn't on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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