Allister Heath: Theresa May's first 100 days

117 17/07/2022

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An airports bill should also be pushed through, backingHeathrow or Gatwick: this would send the strongest possible sign that Britain remains open for business. We need a new housing act to promote housebuilding; if she wants to take on vested interests, she should defy NIMBY-ists.

Allister Heath: Theresa May's first 100 days

At the same time, she will have to turbocharge her Brexit department. She needs to move hundreds of civil servants into it, and order the mandarins to make this their No. 1 priority; trade negotiators must be recruited. The new trade secretary, Fox, needs to launch a world trade tour to begin striking free-trade agreements and build confidence in the future. It would be a wonderful symbol were we to flesh out our first draft trade deal during her first 100 days, even if only with a small economy.

There is no time for a holiday. May must meet Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, before the end of August, and start building a close rapport with her. She must meet or speak to all other possible allies in the EU to create a pro-free-trade coalition. She needs to spend a huge amount of her own time on all Brexit-related matters.

The new prime minister has started well. Her job is immense, both at home and abroad. She deserves the support of her party.

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