7 of the best board games for interactive play

28 10/06/2022

Unplugging from our digital lives is super necessary at times, considering we’re always hooked on our computers, smartphones, and devices whenever we have free time. If you’re planning a small, mid-size, or large event with coworkers, friends, or family, why not take the old-school approach and play some board games?

While board games like Clue and Trouble remain popular choices, they aren’t the only ones available for your entertainment needs. Over the years, board games have evolved from classic to more complex, as genres like mystery, sci-fi, and history continue to pop up in global culture.

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Plus, some board games even get your creative juices flowing, so you’ll have to strategically plan moves and use puzzle-solving capabilities to win. Regardless of what everyone wants to play, consider a few things:

7 of the best board games for interactive play

Number of players: How many people will participate in your epic game night? Take attendance before you set up a board game. If you have up to four people coming over, choose a game that’s good for a small group. On the other hand, if you’re hosting four to eight people, buy a game that can accomodate your large party.

Skill level: Board games should be a little challenging, but not feel like rocket science for participants. Observe the skill level of everyone who wants to play. If you’re playing with younger kids, opt for a game that’s more colorful, encourages basic observation skills, and isn’t too hard for them to understand. For adults and teens, there’s more room for challenging objectives and pop culture references.

Ease of use: Board games are fun, but some require a lengthy setup process. Before committing to a game, factor in how long it will take to get everyone settled and explain instructions. You’ll want to keep setup to a maximum of 10 minutes, or else you’ll miss out on playtime.

Play experience: History buff? Word aficionado? Or, obsessed with crime investigations? There’s a board game for that. Determine what type of board games you like to play. Switch things up if you’ve been stuck with the same options, plus you can challenge yourself to think outside-of-the-box for a game that involves cognitive exercises or spatial relations.

Whether you prefer Catan or Life, there’s a board game out there that will keep you engaged and energized. Here are the seven best board games to play with your entire crew.

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