Extract XBOX (orig) disc on a PC without FTP or the console

241 16/11/2021

Probably already been done to death, but I got a bit fed up with seeing that you can't rip orginal black XBOX DVDs on a PC. So I did it, hope this helps someone else. On my modded orig Xbox, the DVD rom blew out, 5 year old console, no way I am buying a second-hand DVD drive. So I needed some way to get some of my backed up stuff back onto the XBOX HD. 1. Grab DD fromhttp://www.chrysocome.net/dd 2. Use the dd more or less same as you would on Unix to rip the XBOX DVD disc to an ISO: "dd if=\\?\Device\CdRom0 of=discdump.iso bs=1M" 3. Use C-XBOX to rip the files from the ISO and send 'em straight to the XBOX HD! I only tried about 5-6 backup DVDs, which happily booted on the modded console at some point in the past, all worked fine for me. Take it or leave it, it worked for me without out that tedious back and forth using the old ripDVD on xbox, FTP to PC and back. If it works for you great, if not, you ain't lost anything trying have you?! Total rubbish.. why even use DD?. copy copied disk to iso using nero or anything like it.. then use extraxtXiso (or qwix or a multitude of xiso tools) to split into files.. xbox ORIGINALS..the purchased ones.. not copies/burned ones.. have the actual game data on layer 2 in reverse helix configuration and nothing but a modified pc drive (very rare and expensive samsung616t and some equally extinct lg drive) or original xbox drive will read them... copying and splitting a copy is so simple we have no need of yet another method which will generate 5 billion stupid noob questions about how to use dd... go on.. try it with a proper original bought from a shop.. linux people cracked the xbox.. and we tried this one waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before you thought you had worked something out XD Creakster.. pointless topic.. how to rip an already copied disk.. lmfao BTW.. I don't think you have seen an xbox dvd.. they ain't black.. they are normal silver printeds.. I think you have your head stuck in ps1 days. To copy an xbox copy just use nero in "copy disk" mode.. hahahaha.. what a numty :lol: What a cafuffle. I just keep all my games (most ripped previously via dvd2xbox, the rest *cough* obtained *cough* from elsewhere) on a 500GB USB2.0 hard drive. No messing (well other than the initial ripping), if i want a game installed i just ftp over that particular game folder. In the immortal words of Gordon Ramsey - 'Done'. other than the initial ripping Which this nub thinks it is doing when it treats a copy like an original.. that's what the misleading thread title is saying. False.. this method WILL NOT rip an original xbox disk, only a burned copy. Invalid thread seeking to be a many posts epic in pointlessness. closed

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