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123 20/01/2022

[quote user="Kershonn"]I simply want to be able to download Xbox games on my PC while at work. At home I have satellite Internet which sux for speed. It takes days to d/l a 6 gig game file if it doesn't crap out all together.

So when at work is there anyway to d/l Xbox games to my PC and either burn them to DVD or movbe to a USB drive for transfer to my Xbox? For that matter what about system updates. With PS3 I can download updates from my PC to a USB drive and then copy and install them to my PS3.

Have you considered bringing your console to work? You'll have to download content on a console; it's the only way. System updates can be downloaded elsewhere and applied to your console by USB flash drive or burned disc:

Well that makes total sense, I mean we are connected to our PC's as well as our phones, we can even save games on cloud and play them on a different console.But please Heaven forbid we use that same cloud account that is linked to all our devices to download a game already paid for onto our PC and not need to download it again at home. What can be so difficult? if you want us to pay for more cloud storage. fine. But why should this request be treated like such a stupid idea that you don't even make an effort towards incorporating a function like this. Honestly, there are illegal ways to do this, but we the faithfully stupid Xbox owners want to do things legally and are willing to pay for certain functions that you just casually wipe to the side, and see us as poor ignorant gamers. I've been an Xbox player since the first Xbox came out and love everything the company does and try to do. I love the Xbox insider app, I think it's an awesome idea.But then I read a post like this one, where a question and request gets blatantly pushed aside with a short answer just stating "no its not possible, but here is something you can do, even if that is not what you asked, but take my answer or leave it" Because honestly with all the server crashes that meant all your loyal Gold members lost tons of play time while you still take the monthly amount without compensation for all the down time, you still figure everyone everywhere has fiber internet. did you even read the previous persons comment... " It takes days to d/l a 6 gig game file if it doesn't crap out all together." So even if he does start downloading before he goes to work it's till going to take DAYS, and if the download does not stop because of Xbox servers crashing, that's not your problem, he is just one guy in the middle of nowhere, is that fair to your money paying clients? Why do you only cater to the rich and well located clients. that was one way I usually convinced people to choose Xbox above the Playstation by telling them Xbox is for the little guy, Xbox cares about small clients. What I'm going to say now without lying. So I hope this comment gets read, by whoever cares and I really hope Xbox stops seeing us as wallets but as paying customers who expect certain things from the company we spend our hard working, war riddled, disastrous economic money on. We can still help to make Xbox the only console anybody wants to play on, but listen to the small guy, cause he is the one with no money that still supports your company by buying games and escaping his poor life. You the company are so much more than just games, you have the platform to uplift people, give kids better self esteem, connect people that never would have met, even end arguments with a simple "shoot it out" game. We are your people. we are your support. we need to be heard.

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