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290 08/01/2022

The Xbox 360 is easily the most well liked and most played gaming system available. The games for this system are known for their high quality sounds and graphics.

Since the demand for these gaming consoles are so high the games are expensive. One game can cost up to $60. So it is not surprising that so many people are looking for ways to copy and back up their games.

The weakness of these games is the media they are stored upon. CDs and DVDs are very fragile and one little scratch can ruin the game and cost you sixty bucks.

When you learn how to copy and back up these video games you can use the back ups for daily game playing, meanwhile the original game copy can be stored away for safe keeping. This will allow you to use the original copy of your game to just make backups when ever you need them.

In the past the problem was successfully getting around the protection code placed on these games to prevent people from copying them. One way to get around this protection code was to add a mod chip to the Xbox 360 system's motherboard.

However, most people that have already tried using this method know it's risky business. It's risky to add a mod chip because if you don't completely know what you're doing you can easily destroy your gaming system.

To eliminate this risk you should learn how to burn Xbox games without modding. To accomplish this you will first need to get a professional game copier software and install it onto your computer. Now run the game copier software on your computer and then pop in the original game into your DVD/CD drive of the computer.

Now copy the original Xbox game to a certain location on your PC. It should only take a few minutes. Now insert a blank DVD quality disc into your DVD/CD drive. The disc you use should be able to hold at least 4.7 gigabytes.

Begin the burning process using the software and then you have successfully made a duplicate copy of your game. A game copier software is all you need to begin burning games without modding.

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