Best Gaming Consoles in 2021: PS5, Xbox, Nintendo

245 18/01/2022

The best portable gaming console


The Nintendo Switch offers great value for a portable console, boasting TV support and a huge library to satisfy gamers of all types.

Pros: Great value, Joy-Cons provide two controllers out of the box, popular Nintendo titles, portable and docked modes

Cons: Online play is limited compared to Xbox and PlayStation, no Bluetooth headphone support, Joy-Con drift issues occasionally require repairs

The Nintendo Switch's hybrid portable design has made it wildly popular; you can take it on the go and play games in 720p on the small screen or connect it to your TV with the included dock for a full 1080p HD gaming experience.

The standard Switch comes with two removable Joy-Cons that can be used as individual motion controllers, making it ideal for playing with a friend while on the go. Nintendo Switch games come in durable cartridges rather than on Blu-ray discs, making them easy to store in a case and travel with. The console also has expandable storage via MicroSD card, so you can boost the fairly small 32GB internal storage by up to 2TB to save more digital games.

The cheaper Switch Lite is an ideal choice for solo portable play, but it lacks the ability to connect to a TV and it doesn't use removable Joy-Con controllers. The portable screen is only 13% smaller than the standard Switch, and the Lite is thinner and easier to hold. The Switch Lite battery lasts for about seven hours, while the standard Switch can last for up to nine hours.

If you plan to share your console with friends or family, you should definitely pay the extra money for the standard Switch, since the extra portable controllers, dock, and the TV output are worth the money.

Even if you're not looking for a portable system, the Switch is still a very capable home console with a large library that's especially great for families. Popular franchises like "Super Mario," "The Legend of Zelda," and "Pokémon" can only be found on the Switch, and lots of classic titles have been remastered for Nintendo's portable.

As a minor point of frustration, the Switch does not support Bluetooth headphones, but it does have a headphone jack and USB-C devices like the Genki Bluetooth adapter will let you connect headphones wirelessly.

No portable gaming console can compare to the Switch's library and value at this price point — it's just a matter of whether you want to invest in the standard Switch or the Switch Lite.

Of course, if you're just looking for a way to play games while you travel, you can stream games to your smartphone using a video game streaming service like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Google's Stadia and connect a controller to play.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch

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