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313 30/11/2021

All 67 Xbox Games You Can Now Play Online For Free

Xbox users no longer require an Xbox Live Gold membership for free-to-play titles, and these are the games that players can now enjoy without a sub.

Xbox users can now play free-to-play games without an Xbox Live Gold subscription, which means that 67 titles can now be enjoyed by all Xbox owners. There are numerous video games that have a freemium model, where it's free-to-play and the developers make money on optional extras like costumes and battle passes.

The issue with freemium games is that the console developers require paid subscriptions for their online multiplayer modes. Nintendo has Nintendo Switch Online, Sony has PlayStation Plus, and Microsoft has Xbox Live Gold. Freemium games can still be played for free on consoles, as well as separate subscription-based games, like Final Fantasy 14. As such, the people who enjoy these games exclusively don't need online subscriptions on consoles. The only exception to this until today was Microsoft, which required an Xbox Live Gold subscription to play free-to-play games online. This was a major blow against the Xbox brand, as it meant that some incredibly popular games required a subscription on one line of consoles, but not on the others.

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The Xbox Live Gold restriction has now been lifted. This means that people without a subscription can now play 67 free-to-play games online on their Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S systems. Microsoft has released an official list of all of the games that are now playable on the official Xbox website.

Xbox Free-To-Play Games That Don't Need Gold Anymore

The free-to-play list on Xbox systems also contains single-player games, like A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV, but those could already be played without an Xbox Live Gold subscription. The list below covers games with an online component that was previously restricted. The following free-to-play games can now be enjoyed on Xbox systems without any subscriptions:

3on3 FreeStyleAegis WingAPB ReloadedApex LegendsArmored WarfareBattle Islands: CommandersBless UnleashedBrawlhallaCall of Duty: WarzoneCrackdownCrackdown 2Crimson AllianceCrossoutCRSED: F.O.A.D.Darwin ProjectDauntlessDC Universe OnlineDead or Alive 5 Last Round: Core FightersDead or Alive 6: Core FightersDefiance 2050Destiny 2Doritos Crash CourseDungeon Defenders IIEnlistedEternal Card GameFamily Game NightFishing PlanetFortniteGalaxy Control: ArenaHappy WarsHarm’s WayHawkenHyper ScapeKiller InstinctKorganMinion MastersNeverwinterOutriders (Demo)PaladinsPath of ExilePhantasy Star Online 2Phantom DustPinball FX2Prominence PokerRealm RoyaleRec RoomResident Evil Revelations 2ROBLOXRocket LeagueRogue CompanySkyforgeSMITESpacelordsSpellbreakStar Trek OnlineTechwars Global ConflictTERAThe Four Kings Casino and SlotsToo HumanTroveVigorWar ThunderWarfaceWarframeWorld of TanksWorld of Warships: LegendsYaris

The free games with Xbox Live Gold get worse every month and the new loosening of restrictions means that the service has lost even more value, even if it was being artificially boosted. The time might have come for Microsoft to just incorporate Xbox Live Gold into Game Pass (which is already possible with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate), in order to integrate several services into a single package. Microsoft has rebranded Xbox Live as Xbox Network over the past few months, so gradually reworking Gold into the other platforms won't be as jarring if it happens as part of a larger change.

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