10 PlayStation Games You Can Play With An Xbox Owner

257 11/10/2021

Ever since the early days of the console wars between Nintendo and Sega, the gaming console that people chose would say a lot about that person: their preference in games, general tone, community, preference in controller, and many other aspects that can craft a person’s gaming identity. For years, the competition between Xbox and PlayStation was flaming red: owners of each console would talk endless amounts of trash to each other, and there was almost never any hope of any compromise or understanding.

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However, in the last few years, a revelation occurred in the gaming world. Developers found out that millions of friends want to play online games with each other, but they just so happen to have different consoles. The solution? The revolutionary idea of crossplay: playing certain online games with people on a console other than your own, most notably between PlayStation and Xbox. Not all games have this feature due to the cost and the dedication to make sure it works flawlessly, but the games that do have it have provided players with so much joy, and has mended much of the damage from the console wars of years past.

10 Fortnite

There are very few that don’t know of the mass success of Fortnite. This benchmark game of the latest two video game generations brought along the true popularity of the battle royale genre, and due to the immense popularity of Fortnite for both adults and children, it made sense that crossplay was implemented to allow millions of people to play together, despite their consoles. PlayStation and Xbox owners could duke it out on the battlefield and finally ride the Battle Bus together after so much time apart.

9 Trailblazers

Trailblazers was developed by only three extremely talented people, and feels like a blend of the F-Zero series and the Splatoon series. Players race around tracks in teams, and they can paint the track behind them to create speed boosts for their teammates. There is a lot of strategy in this fun racer, which requires the combined brainpower of both PlayStation and Xbox owners. For having such a small development team, it’s an impressive feat that crossplay could be pulled off, and fans of the racing genre on either side of the console spectrum should not miss this unique, high-speed thrill ride.

8 Rocket League

If there were two words to describe Rocket League, they would be “genius simplicity”. Soccer with rocket-powered cars seems like something that could get stale pretty quickly, but years later gamers are still playing this phenomenal game. Aside from not including voice chat between consoles, crossplay between PlayStation and Xbox is absolutely flawless and the competition remains as fierce and frantic as always. It’s too bad your console brethren won’t be able to hear your screams when you score a goal unless you’re using Discord.

7 Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid

The little fighting game that could, Power Rangers Battle For The Grid was a game that was clearly made by passionate fans of the series, but was initially pretty light on content at launch and not the prettiest looking game.

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However over time, free characters were added, the graphics were improved, a story mode was added, and DLC packs were released to create a genuinely deep and smooth fighting game that stands up with the greats. The game is notable for being the first fighting game to become crossplay over all consoles, and PlayStation and Xbox owners have been going to Mighty Morphin’ battle ever since.

6 Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered

This remastered edition of a fan favorite remake in the series, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit was recently remastered for modern consoles, and while nothing much has changed, the game still looks great and the high score competition between friends is still intense. Shortly after launch, the game introduced crossplay, which meant that if your friends who used to crush your high scores in the PS3/Xbox 360 days went to a different console than you, you can come back together and speed around those corners and dodge the police as smoothly as in the good old days.

5 War Thunder

This multi-award winning flight combat game has garnered a fierce following as one of the most fun and exciting free games out there. War Thunder is one of the most popular dogfighting games in a time where the genre isn’t the most popular in recent years. After going cross-platform, PlayStation and Xbox users are able to go head-to-head in the battle-ravaged skies in their favorite iconic planes. Flight combat games are coming back in a big way, and War Thunder going cross-platform is definitely a part of that evolution.

4 Phantasy Star Online 2

The long-awaited sequel to the game-changing original, Phantasy Star Online 2 has been running for many years as a free-to-play action roleplaying roleplaying game, and recently became cross-platform across many systems, most notably the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The story and action gameplay have kept many players hooked for years, and with the New Genesis expansion coming in 2021, the bonding between PlayStation and Xbox players is only going to continue.

3 No Man’s Sky

Years after release, No Man’s Sky has only made its infinite universe even more expansive with its massive Next update, that brought in many of the promises that weren’t achieved at launch. On top of that, the added VR support brought a whole new level of immersion.

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It only makes sense that with an entire universe to explore, PlayStation and Xbox players were bound to find each other amongst the stars, whether cross-platform was added or not. Thankfully it was added in 2020, and players can find new planets and creatures throughout the cosmos.

2 Dead By Daylight

Giving a new literal meaning to “cult following,” Dead By Daylight garnered huge popularity through its intense multiplayer horror gameplay that was actually able to instill fear in its players, which not many horror multiplayer games are able to pull off. PlayStation and Xbox players are able to scare each other to near death over multiplayer, while running around as Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Laurie Strode, and the Evil Dead’s Ash. PlayStation and Xbox players can finally let out their years of frustration with each other in a very intense and spooky way.

1 Star Wars Squadrons

Star Wars games have been coming back in a huge way, which have coincided with the returning popularity of flight combat games. Star Wars Squadrons was a huge treat for fans of a galaxy far far away, putting them in the cockpit of iconic starfighters in a brand new Star Wars story. What puts Squadrons into greatness is the infinitely fun Dogfight and Fleet Battle multiplayer modes, where gamers from PlayStation and Xbox consoles can team up or go head-to-head in pulse pounding space battles. However, PlayStation users have the edge by being able to hop into VR for multiplayer battles, but as long as they don’t say anything about it, all is fair in love and Star Wars.

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